Thursday, March 05, 2015

Rivers is out: so who can win?

Lucky candidates.

Rivers is a campaign machine.  She's the best at this I've ever seen and I agree with her: had she run, she'd have gotten the gig.

First of all, no democrat can win a legislative position county wide.

That means Lentz, Lucas and Boldt would be wasting their time if they ran.

Lentz and Boldt, because the CRC is hanging around their necks and Lucas because he was one of the liars who shilled the Charter.

The actually makes Lentz's decision easy: she's not going to BE in "elective office" anywhere but the Vancouver Soviet, so there's really no thought process involved.  And her "holding those in elected office accountable" is a joke, since no one cares what she says.

All of the reasons Boldt lost last time remain in effect this time, and he would get zero support from the money as a result.  Further, he's blown off the last three years as a PCO, not bothering to show up for any of the meetings for the last 3 years, so this will be his last term as a PCO in the GOP (which has still kicked him out, after all)  so he's got zero chance.

This may be one of those times when I wouldn't particularly vote for anyone who'd want the job.

Obviously, Tom Mielke has now become the favorite in the absence of  Rivers.  Leftist hatred of Tom aside, he's the only one running at this point with proven anti-CRC cred.

In 2012, he blew by Joe Tanner who outspent him 8 or 9 to 1 because he's right on the issues that matter the most.

I've also been hearing that fringe-left CRC Liar Paul Montague is looking at this gig.  He has less of a chance than any of the others besides Mielke because of his stupidity on the CRC Scam.

The CRC is radioactive.  It has a half-life of another 20 years, since leftist scum like Burkman and Cleveland keep attempting to resuscitate it. 

Anyone running who supported it (Meaning any democrat and that includes Boldt) would run into Mielke's CRC fan and get chopped to pieces as a result.

This part time gig is going to be a lightening rod.  The C3G2 haters will do all they can to stiff us with a fringe-leftist of their ilk and they'll fail because those slime are still trying to get the CRC scam up and running as well.

I'm not going to be involved in additional campaigns... (Hell, no one wants to listen to me, so why bother?) but it's going to be a hoot to watch.

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