Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Local dems still don't get it: after crushing defeat and a 100% GOP reelection rate locally, LTE moron claims a lack of representation.

It takes a special kind of hatred... a special kind of stupidity to write garbage like this (Screen grab by Lew Waters:)

What does "unprincipled" mean to a group of individuals who've long since forgotten what the phrase "representative government" means?

For me, the phrase "representative government " has a simple definition.

To me, it means that those in elective office have a duty to actually vote the way their constituents would prefer.  Correspondingly, when those representatives refuse to follow the dictates of their constituency, they have a duty to either resign if they find it so unpalatable or wait to be "Boldted" in the next election.

And that goes to the point of my post.

We just had an election 4 short months ago.

The outcomes for the leftists were abysmal.

In my district, the 1-8, they were slaughtered.  Mussolini Mikey Briggs picked up 36% of the vote. Maureen "Bully" Walsh stumbled to 40... both espousing ideas and positions that couldn't get George Washington elected locally.

Of the 15 legislators representing this county, 12 of them are GOP.  100% of the commissioners are GOP.


If, as this nutberger claims, the people have "little or no representation," then why did Jeanne Stewart defeat their boy Pridemore?

Why did Joe Tanner, who outspent Tom Mielke 8 or 9 to 1, get clobbered at the polls?

Why did Marc Boldt, who was outspent 3 to 1, lose after becoming the leftist favorite?


Because local leftists at most all levels are stuck on stupid.

Because, like Annette Cleveland, they make it clear that even though the majority of the people of this county oppose their agenda and their methods... they don't care.

Actually, it's kind of humorous, upon reflection.

What does "principle" look like to the average leftist? Are they all of the Cleveland ilk, where the only thing that matters isn't the only thing that SHOULD matter... ie, the will of the people?

Why is that what the people want is so completely unimportant to these people?

To leftists like this simple idiot, election outcomes... which are, I believe, a fair barometer of what the people want, seem to be a meaningless exercise, to be bastardized by illegals, institutional fraud, and the complete disregard of that will as expressed at the polls.

That the fringe-left sheriff's candidate got bitch-slapped in the election? That in the last cycle, the only incumbent to lose was a democrat named Stonier?

But the dems simply don't get it. They get rid of practically their entire executive board because their crushing defeat at the polls last November was THEIR fault, apparently.

It's not that their positions suck; their dogged insistence of the roundly rejected CRC Scam Cleveland keeps trying to resuscitate... the will of the people be damned.  Nope, that couldn't POSSIBLY have any impact on the outcomes.

Even now, leftists crushed in the last election... like Mussolini Mikey Briggs, (AKA "Mfr. 36%) doggedly insist the CRC Scam is the only way to go and no other option will even be considered until that rip off is built.

I agree with Howell to a certain extent: Any politician who ignores the will of the people they claim to represent SHOULD be replaced or never elected.

But if he applied his own criteria to himself and his fellow leftists, that would mean there wouldn't be a democrat elected in this state at the legislative or commissioner level.

The lie that "the people have little to no representation" is obvious. And until the left figures out how to do a better job in actually representing the desires of those who elect them, their future around here will be abysmal, indeed.

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