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Lefty Lou touches the dem's third rail: the CRC.

Reminds me of a comment one of the fringe-leftist nutjobs wrote under Lefty Lou's long-overdue dressing down of the Hobbit Senator, Annette Cleveland.

I always appreciate it when folks send me articles from the Lazy C... even Lefty Lou's.

And Lefty slapped Cleveland around like her last name was Benton... which is really, really weird.

Of course, all he wrote was what I've been saying for 2 years or so:  
Also this week, bad behavior continued with our local state legislators. This time, it had to do with a proposal to try to get something going again to replace the aging Interstate 5 Bridge over the Columbia River. 
We all know a multibillion-dollar proposal (the Columbia River Crossing) was killed last year when local Republican legislators refused to get behind a bridge project that included light rail. This upset a lot of Democrats. 
Sen. Annette Cleveland
But the death of the CRC didn't eliminate the need for a new bridge. Republicans understood this and now have come up with an alternative. Rep. Liz Pike and Sen. Ann Rivers are two of the main players in this new proposal. It would not immediately include light rail. But no sooner did they make the idea public than Democratic Sen. Annette Cleveland was shooting it down. 
"We are going back to square one" with the Republican proposal, she said. 
News flash to Sen. Cleveland: Right now we are at square zero.
Look, I don't know if this new proposal is workable or not. What I do know is, we had better begin talking about solutions to an I-5 Bridge replacement rather than wallowing in the muck of the failed CRC. 
Yes, it's understood that Republicans derailed the earlier bridge proposal, mostly because of light rail. And yes, it's understood Democrats were livid. Yes, it's even understood that it's human nature for Democrats to look for payback. "You killed my idea, now I'll kill yours."
It goes far beyond that, of course.  Those who want to kill ANY project not called the CRC/Loot Rail scam ALL have a "D" after their name.

Every leftist on the city council, from "The Liar" Leavitt on down to most of the city council will refuse to consider anything else.

Every democrat legislative candidate in SW Washington refused to consider anything else.

Hell, Bully Winningham (Who got crushed running against Liz Pike) lost her fricking mind over the CRC and made up the better part of a dozen outright lies on video to support her position.

So, I appreciate this gentle nudge towards Cleveland, who reeks hatred of anyone not supportive of the CRC Scam... but it certainly... in no way.... should stop with her.

NO democrat anywhere has ever come out in support of even remotely discussing any alternatives to the CRC Scam.  It';s that way.... or no way.

And, of course, the problem is that as of now, no proposal to address 5the I-5 situation will actually make any difference where it matters: congestion and freight mobility.

Additional bridges in other locations will be required for that.  And because they're not the CRC?

The left will do all they can to kill thatr as well, as demonstrated by fringe-leftist haters from the C3G2 hate group who commented under the article:

This scumbag, for example, wrote this: 

  • Ben Grobe-Heintz ·  Top Commenter · California Polytechnic State University
    Annette Cleveland's response to what Pike et al. are calling a new bridge option was entirely appropriate. Supplemental crossings have been studied extensively and found to be lacking. This one is no exception, but the main problem is that it fails Pikes own checklist. She and her hypocritical cohort used the proposed clearance of the CRC, 116', as a primary justification for opposing the project. In fact, the claim was frequently made that light rail was preventing a higher clearance. Now they're proposing a bridge with 110 feet of clearance.

    So now we know these lawmakers didn't believe their own "bridge too low" rhetoric, and we can assume they are completely full of it with respect to their other claims about the CRC.

    You don't negotiate with people like that. At least not about a bridge that isn't even in their district. You negotiate with them about projects they thought were going to happen in their respective districts that now won't be happening because they behaved like disgusting pigs.
Yeah.  This kind of garbage, while typical of the leftist scum infesting us, really moves the ball forward... and is all too frequent when it comes to the issue at hand.

Clowns like this idiot seem to think that everyone should get what they want no matter WHAT anyone else says... even when everyone else is actually paying the bills.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the fringe-left reaction to their humiliating defeat on their multi-million dollar, social engineering ripoff that blew up in their faces when someone who actually represented the people finally was elected.

How many times have their fellow leftist slime told us, "no light rail... no bridge?"

How many times have they ignored the clear vote of the people?

Ben stupidly believes that building that colassal waste of billions would have made any difference in the commute:
Is it their ignorance?  Is it their greed?  Are they stupid because they're leftists, or leftists because they're stupid?  Does he REALLY believe, facts notwithstanding, that wasting billions on this loot rail project would do ANYTHING about him bing "stuck in traffic?"

Then, there's this exchange:

Alex Reinhold ·  Top Commenter · Battle Ground, Washington
The people have made it abundantly clear they don't want a new bridge.
The irony of this goes to the heart of the matter:  restated, this clearly indicates that Chad is one of those sort who don't give a damn what the people want.

I take the contrarian view:  The ONLY thing that matters is what the people want: period.

Finally, a commenter by the name of John Burke nails it all quite succinctly:

  • John Burke ·  Top Commenter · Vancouver, Washington
    Michele Wollert: Yes, wouldn't it be nice if we could have that "objective article that evaluates [the fly-over bridge's] strengths and weaknesses". As in:
    * No light rail = much less costly to build,
    * Much less costly to build = No tolls necessary,
    * No tolls necessary = car commuters aren't raped,
    * Car commuters aren't raped = Car-hating progressives (like Senator Cleveland) are outraged,
    * Car-hating progressives (like Senator Cleveland) are outraged = No possibility for an "objective" treatment of this proposal in the MSM.

    So much for "nice"..
And that sums it up.

The problem for the left is that we know two things:

1.  The ONLY reason they want to replace the I-5 Bridge is to bring loot rail into Clark County.

2.  Replacing the bridge would do absolutely nothing for the commute.

The trouble the left has is that the people know the truth.  And the left simply cannot equate their recent crippling results at the local polls with their political reality.  So, they double down on their stupidity... and the result is that we, The People are punished because petulant jerks like Cleveland are the best they can do.

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