Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chuckie Green finally, kinda, admits he's running.

Green's little campaign soiree, that he's covering as a "reengage the voters" scam was, of course, outed by little old me.

Enough people have read it based on my statistical analysis, that he wrote this on his C3G2 hater site:


    I've received more than a few FB messages and emails from people who heard through the blogosphere, or saw a Facebook post on Katie Gillespie's article on Marc Boldt announcing his candidacy for county council chair, asking if I am running for Clark County Council District 2.

    Out of transparency, something all of us have fought long and hard for in local politics, I thought I'd let you know what's going on.

    YES, I have considered running for the District 2 new seat.  

    YES, I am also very interested.

    YES, I have complied with state law and filed a form with the Public Disclosure Commission in the event I do decide to run.

    HOWEVER, I am fully focused on making the April 26 Voter Forum a success, and if I make any announcement it will be after this forum.

    I also recognize that there will very likely be all sorts of candidates and wannabe candidates attending this forum, which they can do - it's an open invite forum.

    As organizer and moderator of this forum, I will be working with others to set some ground rules so that it will not be a candidate soapbox opportunity. We need to be focused on getting people back to voting, not scaring them away with a bunch of rhetoric. I hope this answers questions from people in this group who are wondering.

    And thank you for asking.

    -Chuck G.
It's kind of the usual C3G2 crock that I'm used to hearing about from the hate site Chuckie runs.

First you don't need to file anything with the PDC UNLESS you've decided to take money in, ie, campaign donations.

So this:
YES, I have complied with state law and filed a form with the Public Disclosure Commission in the event I do decide to run.
Is garbage.

In fact, the entire point of filing with the PDC is to take money in... and he has done that, lending himself $1000... since he has no chance, knowing that campaign contributions are going to be few and far between.  Think in terms of Mussolini Mikey Briggs' pathetic effort.

One THINKING about running doesn't have to file ANYTHING.

Second, if it had anything other to do with me blowing the whistle on him and Gillespie picking my story up, he would have said something when he did it, and not when I busted him for it. 

Make no mistake.  He's decided to run, and all the rest of this smoke and mirrors BS is to provide his campaign event masquerading as "voter re-engagement" as cover.

His fellow haters over there don't care, so the muted response has been the usual slobber.

It's just sad.

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