Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Today's "ultimate irony" Coexist artist beaten by muslims.

If the slimeball in the White House is to be believed, the Religion of Peace(tm) has nothing to do with world wide, very much islamic terrorism.

Sentient beings know better, of course; that islamic terrorism is so successful... that ISIS gets ten's of thousands of recruits is a combination of US Government cowardice and islamic support of their efforts, recent actions by the King of Jordan notwithstanding.

It's a matter of time until Paris-style attacks become the norm in this country, and it will be fascinating to see what the empty-suited, pro-islamic terrorist, anti-American racist bigot in the White House does about it, besides defending his terrorist buddies.

That said, here's today's "ultimate irony:"
combo coexist
French street artist Combo was physically assaulted over his latest art work.
Photo: Combo Culture Kidnapper/Facebook
It was very offensive and local Muslims demanded he take it down.

Four Muslims in Porte Dorée (the Golden door), a ghetto east of Paris, beat artist Combo after he refused to take down his Coexist street art. Combo suffered a dislocated shoulder, bruises and a black eye.

Artnet reported, via Jihad Watch:
It seems like something one would be hard pressed to disagree with: the word “coexist,” written on a wall using a Muslim crescent as the letter “C,” a Star of David as the letter “X,” and a Christian cross as a “T.” 
But in Paris, this particular iteration of the popular inscription—here, created by the street artist Combo, who also pasted a life-size photo of himself next to it—didn’t go down well with everybody. Le Monde reports that four young people asked the artist to remove it last weekend, and beat him up severely when he refused to do so. 
Combo ended up with a dislocated shoulder and many bruises. 
The attack is characteristic of the inter-religious tensions that plague France and have been exacerbated by the Charlie Hebdo tragedy (see 12 Killed at Magazine Previously Attacked for Satirical Cartoons). Combo declined to discuss the identity of his assailants. “It would only add fuel to the fire,” he told the French newspaper.
combo black eye
Street artist Combo was attacked in Paris by Muslim youths
over his Coexist street art. (
Muslim Issue)

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