Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The difference between beheading Americans and burning a Jordanian pilot alive

It seems fairly clear that it's happened.

I won't link to or provide the ISIS-produced video showing this man being slaughtered by these scum.

Jordan has made it clear that they will kill all ISIS prisoners in the event the pilot, Lieutenant Muath al Kasasbeh, JAF, was executed.

Well, he has been executed in perhaps the most horrific way imaginable.

Protests around Jordan have erupted:  this kind of idiocy is going to cost ISIS in the long term.

Jordan's King Abdullah is on his way to the White House where, no doubt, the coward Obama and those surrounding him will demand that Abdullah not take any retaliatory action against the prisoners they have.

Abdullah, however, cannot fold at this point, it would likely mean that he would be deposed.

It has been suggested that in the face of Obama's cowardice, there is nothing holding ISIS back from slaughtering the American woman they hold, though her name has not been released.

One can't even begin to imagine what they've done to her in captivity; much the same as they would do to any women in our military they take prisoner, a happenstance bound to happen with the moronic push to get women into combat arms.

Our government likes to play war, on the surface at least, by some nebulous set of rules that print out nice and clean on a sheet or paper so we can point to it as we try to gain some moral superiority while we abandon our allies and allow the ISIS threat to explode.

If we insist on playing by the rules, we will get our ass kicked.

At this point, slaughtering Americans has cost these scum nothing.  We have launched a few air strikes, expressed outrage, given them billions of dollars in cash and equipment, and allowed them to behead Americans.

Now, no doubt, they will be allowed to do even worse to a 26 year old American woman.

Where are our protests?

Where is our response?

Why aren't we retaliating with overwhelming force?

Why aren't we executing prisoners?

Why aren't we playing by their rules?

That's what happens when your president is a coward.

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