Monday, February 02, 2015


Part of the following (Part of being a 12) is the belief in something approaching the infallibility of the coaching staff that brought us to the point where they could win the game.

But here's the thing: With a Marshawn Lynch in the backfield and a line that had come alive in run blocking, there's no excuse. None.

Whoever is "responsible," for the call doesn't take it back.

This was a disaster; an "own-goal." It shakes the very foundation of our confidence.

If Lockette catches the pass, it was genius. But Lynch will be asking himself the same question I and hundreds of thousands if not millions will be asking for years to come: We had the time, we had the drive, we had the capability: why not just give it to him?

Confidence in the obvious is shaken. My belief in Lynch and the O-Line will far exceed that of a coaching situation where any other option besides giving the ball to Lynch somehow... could even be considered.

And Bevell blaming Lockette for "not playing through the play?"

Had we took 3 shots with Beastmode and lost, then at least we'd go down swinging. That we failed to take the shot even once?

That goes to the heart of the matter. We believed... until the coaches gave us reason not to.

And now, I don't see how our level of commitment to the leadership of this team will ever... can ever... be the same.

A crushing blow to the emotional commitment that being a 12 represents.

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