Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jaime Herrera's political death wish.

As anyone with the political awareness here locally no doubt knows, our cardboard cutout of a congresswoman is utterly worthless.

Worse than that, she's a coward who focuses on one issue and one issue only, her own re-election.

Many suspect that about most politicians.  But Jaime Herrera is a caricature of that old saw.

Many of her multiple foibles are detailed in this blog.  That someone like her can actually bear some responsibility for the guidance of this nation during this perilous times is utterly frightening and causes a level of dismay I was unaware could be achieved.  

Meanwhile, the local GOP has come to share some version of that view, a view I have been warning people of since Cathy McMorris parachuted her back here after an 11 year absence after having her as a gofer on her staff in DC... while building our resident coward out of spare parts laying around her office.

My Cavalier Spaniels are more Republican than Herrera, who stoops so low that she actually uses her very sick infant daughter as a political prop to help her remain in office.

So, the Party appears to have had enough, and they are moving towards censuring our resident cowardly congresswoman.

One local Republican is really upset about that... a woman slavishly devoted to continuing our local congressional manikin in office... is attempting to retaliate in kind by trying to gain support for the effort by Gary Schaeffer to run two resolutions to get rid of the two people she believes are most responsible for this state of affairs, Christian Berrigan and Kenny Smith.

This is a moronic move, given the continuing cowardice of Herrera.

Jaime's lack of care over the people of this district is the same as Eric Cantor's.  (Cantor became the first sitting House Majority Leader to lose in the primary by a guy he outspent 50 to 1 this past cycle, Prof. David Brat.)  And THAT is what's led to this: she doesn't give a damn about US.  Her cowardice concerning town hall meetings show that.  Her failure to fight against the CRC Scam while getting the ignorant to believe she actually opposed it shows that.  Her "I'm a Cathy McMorris lackey" shows that.  He multiple failures to do the right thing?

All of that shows it.

Herrera's oh-so-public pronouncements, which like most of what she utters has very little to do with her and a great deal more to do with the efforts of her keepers, only serve to worsen her position with the local GOP, not strengthen it.

Herrera's ongoing cowardice in this battle, her failure to discern what's causing this schism, accept responsibility for it and then subsiquently make the corrections she needs to once again become a Republican... if she ever was one... hurts her cause directly.  Her failure to confront this head on, her failure to meet with the PCO's personally... that's part and parcel of the problems she faces but refuses to address.

The support of the democratian, which also claimed, falsely as it turns out, that Marc Boldt's censure would lead to disaster for the local party, also damages our local empty suit's chances at remaining in the party's good graces.

Combine that with the bully tactics of an out-of-touch State Party, run by the same Bellevue Mafia that helped put Herrera into office in the first place... and it doesn't take a genius to see the disaster looming on the horizon.

Imagine the fallout for the bimbette if the Party axes her.  This disaster would, no doubt, make national news and result in an almost guaranteed serious challenge in the primary.

Crain appears to be upset that this bogus effort failed to make it on the agenda.  She's going to do the best she can to carry the water for Herrera like Gunga Din, guaranteeing that her efforts at elective office will likely NEVER receive the party support she so desperately craves... as if it would ever make any difference in the Vancouver Soviet regardless.

Well, good luck with that.  Meanwhile, I support the local party's efforts to cut this idiot loose.

Perhaps someone with at least rhetorical testicles can stand against her and take her out.

One can only hope.

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