Sunday, February 01, 2015

Hinton: Jayne leaves us without a prayer for unbiased writing.

Aa you might expect, the editorial page editor's testicles are kept in a jar in Lefty Lou's office, so he dutifully wastes his time and those unfortunate enough... or moronic enough... to actually fork over their money for democratian tripe... by beating on the commissioners.... because they, of course... aren't dems.

In the Land of Lefty, dems simply aren't held accountable.  That Lefty Lou/Jayne has a double standard when it comes to using their ink that is, in my experience, the difference between a go cart and a Ferrari.

It's not that, relatively speaking, the neo-communist scumbag who runs the paper doesn't take a shot at the odd democrat with the frequency of a Haley's Comet fly-by.  They do.

But to compare those weak-sauce efforts with the rag's jihad against the GOP commissioners?

Our world is literally falling down around us.

We have a totally and completely incompetent moron with his hand on the nuclear button.  Our economy continues to stumble on in a shambles, yoked by the communistic failure of the hated Obamacare.

Millions who've lost hope and don't even look for work anymore.  A massive segment of our population, in the 10's of millions, with their mouths firmly attached to the government teat... which is a euphemism of being firmly attached to the wallets of the middle class.

His ineptitude has caused the growth of the terrorist threat; his disdain... perhaps even hatred... of the military has cost the lives and maiming of many from that factor alone.

And what do the Bobbsey Twins, Lefty Lou and Jayne babble about today?

The long since dead horse of the GOP Commissioners.

This is the kind of own-goal writing that should have long since resulted in the dismissal of these two idiots, since their all-left, all-the-time shtick keeps costing the rag huge amounts of readers... a county with exploding population and declining readership.

I admit that I didn't bother to read Jayne's idiocy.  Why bother?  It's just another example of his desire to be a leftist bitch.  I could probably recite it by wrote, given that this sort of garbage has been written so many times by these two idiots.

And that's the thing.

The legislature is in session.  Fellow moron Governor Inslee has lost what's left of his mind on his polluted brain's plans to jack up the price of gasoline close to 50%.  No one to the right of Mao.... in fact, no one in the dem party period has come up with any plan to address the cross-river transportation issues confronting us, save for clinging to the thoroughly discredit CRC/Loot Rail scam.

There are a wide variety of issues to write about that will make a difference if the people actually know.  For example, 3 years on, Lefty or Greggy can actually write about the Oregon Supreme Court decision that laid out the truth behind the CRC Scam: that it was all about light rail.

They could.  But they won't, because one of the biggest problems of the many confronting the cancer on our community is besides the fact they allow their biases to rule their keyboard, they rarely, if at all, allow inconvenient truths, such as public opposition (after all, what does the voter know?) to their agenda ever make it into print in any meaningful way.

Oh, in the past, the scum running the democratian HAVE mentioned the opposition to their world-view: it's part and parcel of Lefty Lou's jihad against Commissioner Madore.

Because let's face it:  we all know that if Madore was as rabidly in support of Brancaccio's idiocy as he is opposed to it, they'd be kissing his butt every hour on the hour.

The problem here is that the rag is a microcosm of the entirety of the democrat party here both locally... and nationally, as far as that goes.

No one at either the rag or the democrat party plays the role of prairie dog.

The rag is getting its ass kicked in subscriber wars.  The democrats are getting clobbered in the political wars.

Neither are engaging in any introspection.

Neither stand up and look around.  Neither ask themselves the "why" of it.

Democrats are forced to run mediocre-to-awful losers as candidates (Pridemore to Briggs, for example) and the end result is that anywhere not communist, democrats around here can't even buy an election.

Meanwhile, the rag engages in mental, leftist masturbation and the community suffers as a result.

But then, perhaps that was the plan all along.

Regardless of the plan, the outcome at all levels is an increasingly unimportant and weak leftist party. In fact, it was so bad in the last election that they brought in an ignorant partisan hack who couldn't even beat Scott "I lied to get elected" Weber for county clerk as their new party chair, a woman who knows as much about politics as she does brain surgery.

Somebody has to be the sacrificial lamb, I suppose, but her election as dem party chair when she doesn't even know, relatively speaking, where the men's rooms are is a sign of leftist resignation that they're sliding ever-faster down hill.

Meanwhile, the rag continues to infect this community.  And that's such a waste... considering what they could be.  And when they circle the drain for the last time... they won't be missed.

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