Thursday, February 05, 2015

FWIW, my position on vaccinating kids.

So, there's a lot of pro and con out there.

I've had about every known vaccination, between the usual childhood jobs and the shots the military was kind enough to supply.

Here's the thing: *I* believe that parents have the right to refuse to give their children any vaccination(s) they choose.

But I also believe that unless they are vaccinated, they should be denied attendance at public/private schools or day cares.

Yes, I believe parental rights are supreme.

I believe that those rights should also be commensurate with responsibilities; for example, morality/religion aside, my minor daughter should not be allowed to get an abortion or any other medical procedure if for no other reason than I, as a parent, bear financial responsibility for a decision that I had no input on.

Who pays if something goes wrong?

We already know the answer to that.

Correspondingly, I do not want my children in a classroom with other children whose parents have decided not to have them vaccinated.

If such a restriction had been in place before this most recent epidemic, not nearly this much exposure would have happened... illegal alien exposure notwithstanding.

So, parents, if you decide that you don't want your children vaccinated, that's up to you.

But you'd better figure out some way to educate them that does not include private or public schools or day cares.

Because if my rhetorical kid gets sick because of your decision?

You've got a problem.

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Pete Masterson said...

I agree with you 100% ... but we need a statute that makes it perfectly clear that the parents of an unvaccinated child are fully liable should their little darling pass on a disease when they could have been vaccinated. That is, I should be able to sue the parents for damages if I or one of my family becomes ill from a disease their kid passed on.

Make the decision and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Chose the wrong course, and PAY FOR IT.