Sunday, February 22, 2015

Democrats are finally looking for answers for their crushing defeats.

Given how far over the edge our local fringe left has become, I've yet to see any introspection as to any effort on their part to try and come to grips with their horrific political results at the polls.

Locally, democrats have, for the most part, become a joke... a punch line of arrogance and narcissism where they pledge fealty to a far left agenda and pay no heed to the voters.

The most recent example is the utter stupidity of Sen. Annette Cleveland's (Communist-49) obsessive efforts to resuscitate the CRC Scam.

As an alleged "representative" of the people, it is not her job to sublimate her obsession for the will of the people she is tasked to represent.

Take a look around... do we have a "representative government," or do we have the Steve Stuart, "screw what the voters want" form of government?

I get that they don't care what the voters want beyond lying to them to get them to vote to reelect them: Jaime Herrera does that all the time, so that much of it is a bipartisan effort based on the individual much more than the party, to be sure.

But when I look at the absolute political nutjobs representing the 49th, and their fringe-left, ignore the people meme, their "no lie is to bad to tell" philosophy... I see that they represent the very worst that politics has to offer.

And then, I see this article, an article that concludes:
 WASHINGTON — Democrats have become a confused political party with a muddled message and an inability to turn out enough of its loyal voters, a party task force charged with how to revive the embattled party said Saturday. 
“I am here to tell you the Democratic Party has lost its way,” said Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky, who presented the report to the Democratic National Committee.
There's only a few reasons for these abysmal outcomes.  And democrats will ignore this report much like the GOP ignored most of the 2012 post-mortems that fixed blame on political infrastructure over political philosophy.

The party that LISTENS most will be most successful.

The party that puts the people's view ahead of their own will be the most successful.

The party with the best, most responsive infrastructure will be the mostly successful.

Here in Washington, for example, the GOP gets their collective asses kicked statewide, year in and year out.

We have an election coming up.  And I believe as I write this that the GOP will have no more statewide candidates in office the day after election day in 2016 than we do now.

And I believe that, in part, because the same people who were/are running that debacle behind the scenes... the same people who gave us blithering idiots like Jaime Herrera for congress... the ubiquitous Bellevue Mafia... are the same people running the show now as they were some 15 years ago when I was holding down the chair of Executive Director.

I advocated then for a full time, year round, minority outreach director.  It got no where.

As a state and a country, we have become increasingly diverse.  The only black US Senator, for example, is a Republican.

Even now, though, a decade and a half later, there's no effort at engaging minorities that would enable the state GOP to counter the democrat meme, which is correct as it turns out: "They only care about you when it's time to vote."  But I digress.

Back to the democrat report:
“...the American people by their votes don’t agree with us.”
The people of Clark County of all political persuasions have made it clear that they don't agree with the left, here locally or nationally.

Democrats got clobbered most everywhere, particularly here, where there are 15 legislators providing representation of parts of Clark County and 12 of them are GOP, and every county commissioner is GOP, as are most of the county electeds such as Assessor and county clerk.


And then along comes Cleveland to reinforce how out of touch the left around here really is.

How does that kind of stupidity move their ball forward?

How does deliberately acting as a roadblock to our cross-river transportation problems strengthen the left's crippled hand?

The local democrats lie like a rug about their issues and their projects.  They would take $2000 per year in tolls... to begin with... out of the pockets of the same people they would then ask to vote for them, for a project the people have made clear that we do not want, do not need and and cannot afford.

What kind of stupidity is that?

I'm a conservative.  I'm not in the GOP... haven't been for a few years now, since they have a tough time knowing what the hell they're doing.

But the democrats around here are typically so inept, so arrogant, so narcissistic, so out of touch that they're making the GOP's job easy.

Look at the two complete morons they ran in the 18th District this past cycle.

Lie after lie.  Hypocrisy after hypocrisy.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs, hoisted on his dozens of lies concerning the hated CRC Scam... in a district where every single precinct... EVERY SINGLE PRECINCT... vote AGAINST his position.

In this map, the ONLY precincts that voted for the CRC Scam was a small part of the 49th (5 precincts).  The entire remainder of the county voted against it at the precinct level... including the district he was running to "represent."

Who in their right mind would vote for someone who doesn't give a damn about the people he would govern?

And that moron insisted on shilling his scam as if the map was reversed?

And that other idiot, Maureen "Bully" Loserham.

She began her campaign lying and ended it reeking hypocrisy by singling out her opponent for something she completely gave her own perspective colleagues a complete pass over: taking money from BNSF and Tesoro, the prime movers of the oil terminal.

That Loserham was personally responsible for helping to outsource 50,000 jobs for Intel was just a bonus to union hypocrisy.

Both were crushed at the polls as a result.

So, this report will actually fail to make a dent in the leftist message.  Not for what it says, but for what it fails to say:

Democrats, in fact, DO have to generate a "coherent message."

But there has to be much more to it than that.  The people have to agree with the contents of the message.  Coherent lies are not going to gain traction.

"If you like your plan, you can keep your plan" was a VERY "coherent" message.  But it's "coherence" will never overcome the fact that it was based on a deliberate lie.

The report needed to say that the democrats have and are lying too much, too often about too many things.

It failed to mention the "truth" requirement.  It failed to mention that cowardice of the variety exhibited at all levels really isn't that great of a platform plank.

And ignoring, belittling and insulting your constituency?  Not particularly career enhancing.

So, sleep soundly, GOP'ers.  While the left has, apparently, started to try and figure it out... it seems they're light years away fro reality... and many, many, many additional lessons will be required.

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