Friday, February 20, 2015

Dem push Boehner to postpone Netanyahu Speech.... why?

We all know that the left hates Israel.

They illustrate their hatred for the Jews specifically and about any Judeo-Christian religion generally in a variety of ways.

Who can forget this insanity at the Democrat National Convention in 2012?

Here locally, the commissioners are screwing up by having a huge discussion over something that doesn't need to be discussed: the addition on the national motto, "In God We Trust," to the commissioner room.

It's the national motto.  I'm not vested in the outcome one way or the other but I am utterly mystified at the level of hatred the fringe left exhibit towards the very idea of taking the motto, which those few nutbergers who actually have money (And all of those hypocrites do) cheerfully use that money without giving it a second thought.

It's like the morons on the left and those leftists at the democratian who complain about the oil terminal here while they insist on using so many petroleum products... kind of like the more ignorant people who actually believe that milk comes from Safeway instead of cows.

The hatred of the left towards this effort defies imagination.  It's also a symptom of the underlying leftist meme: hatred.

In this instant situation, three of the most virulent, antisemitic haters in Congress, Steve Cohen, muslim Keith Ellison and whack job Maxine Waters are reflecting the local hatred of Israel but "pressuring" the oatmeal Speaker, John Boehner, into "Postponing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to a joint session of Congress next month."

Now... why ever would they do that?

Their stated lie of a reason is this:
“The invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu enlists a foreign leader to influence a Presidential policy initiative. We should be able to disagree on foreign policy within our American political system and without undermining the presidency,” the letter reads.
The lawmakers further take issue with the proximity of the talk to Netanyahu’s reelection in Israeli.
It is, of course, critical to "undermine" the empty suited,  anti-American racist bigot every chance we get.

And, these hypocrites say nothing about Obama's efforts to interfere with Bibi's reelection, do they?

Since his arrival, the presidency has been a disaster.  He wipes his butt with the Constitution, breaks laws on a whim, provided oversight over an $18 TRILLION dollar deficit that we can never repay, his colossal failures in all areas of foreign and domestic policy and, of course, the ubiquitous Obamacare so hated by the people of this country... Obama has easily surpassed Jimmy Carter, fellow leftists, as the worst president this country has ever known.

Boehner will, of course,ignore these 3 clowns.  Bibi will give his speech, embarrassing Obama much like Ben Carson did a few years back:

This is the kind of scene the White House wants to avoid.


A competent leader of the Free World would not find himself in the situations this clown wakes up to every day.

A tenure of failure wrapped in self-inflicted disaster. 

I look forward to Bibi's speech.  And I look forward to the problems... the self-imposed problems... his speech will inflict on the Administration.

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Jack Buckmeir said...

Democrats hate Jews and Israel. that's apparent.