Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Uh, oh, Mr. President: you really know you're screwing up when the democratian FINALLY gets around to smacking you.

Oddly, for every word the local democrat fishwrapper has ever uttered in concern or alarm over the utterly clueless incompetence of that simple-minded idiot in the White House, they've literally printed thousands against our own county commissioners of the to-the-right-of-Mao-variety generally and David Madore, particularly.

Strange, that.

It's a clear case, journalistically, of Lefty fiddling while Rome burned.

Since he ascended to the throne, Barack Obama has been an utterly abysmal disaster.

By every available measure, he's been a joke, a buffoon, a narcissistic emperor with no clothes who can't even seem to spell the phrase "foreign policy," has indebted upcoming generations with trillions of dollars at a greater rate than all other presidents combined; weakened and loathed the despised military while his ROE policies have led to the slaughter and maiming of our best and brightest that has caused fear, loathing and below zero numbers in morale and confidence in this martinet as the so-called "leader of the free world."

The man uses the Constitution of the United States as his own personal toilet paper; ignores the law, breaks the law, laughs at the law.

Our country is in shambles.  Disrespected and reviled overseas in ways that make me long for the Bush Administration... where the Commander-in-Chief at least gave a damn about the troops.

Obama has screwed up in so many ways.... on so many issues... that the rag could run an editorial like this every day and twice on Sunday.

Instead, we get Lefty Lou Psychosis and his obsessive hatred of David Madore.

It's not unlike arguing over the china patterns in 2nd class while the Titanic sinks.

Hatred is not a great plank, be it in politics or journalism.  Taking days, months and years to state the obvious on this singular issue while casting a blind eye toward the rest of his disaster of a tenure is not something to be congratulated for.

It is, instead, as the title suggests a sign of the depths this president has sunk to.

If you're a leftist, when you lose the Lazy C on any issue, you are in serious trouble indeed.

This is a road sign on exactly how bad it's gotten for the clueless idiot running both the country... and this newspaper.

Lefty: Don't print anything stupid.

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