Thursday, January 08, 2015

Thankfully, the political hatred and bigotry of Stephony Rice is apparently no more.

When it comes to lies, exaggerations, belittlement and deliberate misleading of the reader, Stephony Rice is second only to Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

Fortunately, it would seem she would soon be gone.  She won't be missed.

She claims she's now going to be "an investigator for a law firm."

Given her history of the lie in print, I pity anyone for hiring her that may have to watch it be cross-examined on the stand.

She has exhibited religious and political bigotry far beyond the pale.  And like that fateful day when that scumbag editor of the Daily Democrat, neither of them will be missed by anyone outside the fringe left nutters which she ... and Lefty... cater to when they are both finally... thankfully... gone.

The former number two of hatred around here, John "Pit Yorkie" Laird, has been gone for awhile now, and HE hasn't been missed, either.

The fringe left mourns.  But the rest of us?

We could care less that they forced her to leave and sincerely hope that her peculiar brand of hatred, bigotry and arrogance never darken the doorway of any publication of any kind ever again.

The fringe-left haters lined up to publicly sob, of course at her absence, including the aforementioned Pit Yorkie.  Added to that other other embarrassments tio the democratic process, including Larry Smith, Jack Burkman and McEnerny Ogle.

This community is well rid of it.

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Lew Waters said...

Can't help but wonder just what investigative skills she was able to cite when she applied at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe.

She sure never displayed any such skills in her repeated rants.