Thursday, January 08, 2015

So, what if what happened in Paris.... happened here? What then?

Face it, France is a country where the variety of political correctness favored by our local fringe-left is so en vogue.

Paris is a microcosm of the leftist policies so admired by the C3G2 hater types.

Muslim enclaves ceded to muslim, non-governmental sharia authority.

The left's wet dream of unarmed police officers who, as we've all seen in yesterday's attack, can stop no crime from taking place while they die like bystanders... come to fruition.

It got me to thinking:  What if yesterdays attack had taken place here?

What if the target had been our own local excuse for a newspaper?

Not that they would ever do anything to offend muslims... they completely lack any form of courage that would remotely do that.... not when Christian targets like David Madore are so much easier and so much less likely to respond with violence.

But what would we be doing now, today, if that attack had taken place at the Columbian?

What if the dead had included Vancouver police officers?

What if the dead had been reporters and editors of the Columbian?

What would we be doing now, today, this minute?  What would we be doing differently today than we were doing day before yesterday?

What if the attack had been even bigger?  What if it had been along the lines of the Chechnyan school attack in Moscow a few years back where 385 were killed?

I used to believe that our government, at all levels, has white-boarded this sort of thing.

I used to think we had contingencies for this kind of attack.

I no longer do.

We live in an era where we, all of us, might wake up tomorrow to discover that Los Angeles or New York is no longer there.

Or Portland.  Or any other major city, making the presumption that those who would smuggle a nuke into this country would fire it where it would do the most damage.

What do we do?

What's the plan?

Business as usual?  Turn a blind eye to our open borders?  No change in our relations with countries harboring terrorists?  No retaliatory strikes against Mecca?

I don't know that there is a plan.

So, when we finally undergo some level of attack like this... and it's only a matter of time until we do... I fully expect an incompetent, indecisive, nonsensical response in both the short term AND the long term... and initially, an effort to placate the rage of the people who will ultimately demand that their government be held accountable for its obvious failures and shortcomings.


To those in charge, those that we've elected, I very much WOULD like to know: what planning have you undergone for this sort of thing?  What are you going to do?

And if the answer is "none," then I follow up by asking first, why haven't you and second, what's the hold up?

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