Thursday, January 22, 2015

No lie they won't tell: The bill to let the liars on I-502 off the hook.

Here's the plan: you want to get your initiative passed?

Feel free to lie.

582 million in new revenue
from the pro-pot site
That's the message those behind a bill to let the scum who lied their asses off to get legalized pot passed in this state where they made IMPOSSIBLE promises on revenue... $582 million per year into the general fund... (You remember the pro-pot side's argument all these years, don't you?  "Legalize it and tax the hell out of it and it will solve all of our budget problems?"  THAT lie?)  well, *I* knew it was a lie, perhaps the biggest political lie ever uttered on a ballot measure.

I said as much.  Repeatedly.

So, how does the legislature respond?

They coalesce around a bill that COMPLETELY lets the scum who were behind this fraud off the hook.

It's a democrat bill, of course: they never want to raise taxes on a group of their friends... and believe me, potheads, retail and otherwise, ARE their friends.

Sponsored by Sen. Brian Hatfield (D -19), best known for covering up his then 14 year old son's rapes of another juvenile... and getting a sweetheart deal from his buddy, Brad Owen (Lieutenant Governor) who made up a job in his office that result in massive, bow wave pay increases in Owen's office for him, one has to wonder how they got to Hatfield.

And who's co-sponsoring it?

My own Senator, Ann Rivers.

Here's the thing:  this has nothing to do, for me, with the product.  You want to get wasted every hour, on the hour?

Knock yourself out as long as *I* don't have to pay for it.

You run into medical problems because of pot?  Pay for it yourself.

You under the influence while you're driving if you hurt my family?

Expect to get shot.

That said, the problem I have with this reaction to the lie of an initiative campaign is that this reaction, which lets those who perpetrated this fraud off the hook, is absolutely the wrong response.

Somewhere... at some point... those behind these efforts... those who financed these efforts.... those who ran this fraudulent scam... should be held accountable for their lies.

The bill in question does nothing to accomplish that end.

Politicians, of course, are in the messaging business.  And the message sent out here is this: go ahead and lie to the voters to get your scam passed.  And when you do, don't worry about facing any consequences.  Who cares if you lie?  Never mind that the legislature is being scammed here; never mind that they are being played by the same people, directly or indirectly, who played us.

The simple solution to hold these scum accountable would be to re-criminalize pot if they fail to deliver what and how promised.

No $582 million?

No legalized pot.

But the people behind this?

They KNEW they were lying.  AND, they KNEW they could get the legislature to react this way.

After all, money talks.  Just ask the WEA, the major franchiser of democrat pols.

Pot money screams.  And this is what we get.

Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

Is it any wonder that so many people despise their government?

I cannot adequately express my disappointment at this betrayal.  No excuse.  No reason, except for the special interests making bank to manipulate the people and our legislature.

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