Friday, January 09, 2015

Disappointment in the local GOP for not going far enough.

Mainstreamers here locally are whining because the local GOP is slow-walking a motion of censure against our cowardly and utterly worthless congresswoman.  And by "slow walking," I mean taking 3 more months to even get to a vote.

First, I don't believe a "motion of censure" will make any difference to that tin-earred idiot.

Second, it's not nearly enough to have any impact: it should be a "motion of expulsion" much like that aimed against my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt.

Third, that motion should also be aimed at our shameful excuse of a slimeball auditor, Greg Kimsey, for his efforts to get the Charter passed.

Fourth, it shouldn't wait until the "next regularly scheduled meeting."  It should be done now, as soon as possible.

Or it shouldn't be done at all.

At the end of the day, the party is wasting their time taking symbolic actions that result in, effectively, nothing.  Jaime won't care about a local GOP Party censure if it's not followed up with a pledge of opposition in the next election.

Why should she care?

If the ignorants in the GOP still support her, still doorbell for her, still show up for her parades, still fawn over her use of her child as a political accessory, then what the hell difference does it make?


The rag, of course, will follow suit just like they did when the party booted Boldt out.  They'll hold the local party up as a pinata and allow... if not advocate... that their fellow C3G2 hater-types beat the hell out of them... and for what?

The thing about a fight is this: if you're going to throw a punch, throw one that will count.  Going through the motions like this just causes MORE sympathy for that clueless idiot "representing" herself in Congress (Instead of us) and will not make one wit of difference to her.

Now, EXPELLING her leftist butt WOULD make a difference.  In fact, it would garner nation-wide attention and humiliate her.

It would force her to do something she has never had to do:


Kimsey's betrayal of the party is obvious as is his punishment.  He should be kicked out on his ass so he can switch to the democrats and just be done with it.

He won't be missed.  And neither would Herrera.

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