Friday, December 05, 2014

When the democratian flat out lies. Again.

This rag has a history of lying to us on a variety of subjects.

The CRC/Loot Rail scam, the revenue from I-502, the impacts of the Charter.

You name it, if it's on the democratian's agenda, they WILL lie about it.

1-594 is no exception.

They spewed a bizarre editorial yesterday:

In Our View: I-594 Locked and Loaded

Expansion of background checks won't be noticed by responsible gun owners

That's bullshit, of course: the kind of tripe these slime crank out at the drop of a hat.

I will, for example, "notice" the requirement that my cousins undergo a background check if I am to give them one of my .45's.  The time, hassle and money required is VERY "noticeable."

This requirement: "... that dealers who are facilitating gun transfers - whether they are through the licensed dealer or a private seller - receive confirmation in writing from the chief of police or sheriff that the purchaser in question "is eligible to possess a pistol [...] and that the application to purchase is approved by the chief of police or sheriff," is very noticeable... AND expensive. 

Those of us who follow the law... because those who don't WILL NOT BE EFFECTED BY THIS LAW ONE WIT... WILL "notice" it.  We'll notice the time.  We'll notice the cost.  We'll notice the trouble.  We'll notice the aggravation.

Some idiot responding to the requirement that a background check to store weapons ina parents gun safe merely replied "Go buy a gun safe, problem solved."

Like the cost of that wouldn't be "noticed?"

And, we'll notice that this gun grabbing effort will make precisely ZERO impact on ANY of the criminal statistics here... except to turn people like me into criminals.

That a lying scumbag like King County's Sheriff rabidly supported this idiocy just means he's a moron.  It's not unlike the support or opposition of a candidate by the democratian: utterly meaningless and, in the end, usually harmful.

Just ask Stonier, Gardner, Pridemore and Boldt among others.

The same liar who made this false claim concerning this initiative also wrote that I-502 would bring $500 million per year in revenue to the general fund.

Any moron who believed that will obviously believe anything.

Like "Expansion of background checks won't be noticed by responsible gun owners"

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Lew Waters said...

The complete idiocy of this whole initiative is, since guns are not registered in the state, how will they know when one changes hands if people just ignore the new law?

Criminals already ignore background checks with impunity unless they are caught committing a crime with it.

So why should law-abiding citizens rush down to be submitted to multiple background checks and fees?