Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The "two-job" scam the haters are running.

First, I said scam and I meant it.

Democrat Senator Tim Sheldon is also a Mason County Commissioner.  He's done both jobs for years and has been repeatedly elected to both jobs, also for years.

Those morons who think it can't be done or that, at some point, the legislative goal will conflict with the county goal are just looking for reasons to oppose another Republican.

Do you believe we'd be reading this tripe if it were, say, Annette "Clueless" Cleveland who was doing this?  The fringe left would have nothing to say about it.

Some moron claims that "Rivers will have trouble in the 49th."

Anyone running county-wide to the right of Mao has trouble in the 49th.  So what?  Who cares?  then that same slimeball goes on to lie by saying " I don't think we are ready to forget how she misrepresented us in Olympia before sinking this generation's hope of replacing the I-5 bridge."

Clearly, one of the biggest problems the left have around here is they're just plain ol', run of the mill, stupid.

"Representing us?"  Who's "us?"  You got a rat in your pocket?

Rivers did an absolutely EXCEPTIONAL job representing not only her district, but this entire county, save for the fringe-left haters.

And then this scumbag wrote: "As a result, vindictive folks like me instruct our legislators to vote against any action in Olympia that benefits the 18th."

As a result, when they ignore your gibberish in Olympia, then what?

"In other words, the petulant hatred of fringe-left whack jobs like this is utterly meaningless.

And I know that it sucks to be ignored because you're a member of a tiny minority of leftist nutbergers.

And that you're not sure why anyone would vote for her goes to the heart of the democrat idiocy infesting this county... and why so few actually get elected.

By the way, every time these fringe-left nut cases snivel about the CRC Scam getting killed, that merely strengthens the hand of those who killed it.

So, by all means, keep it up...

Which led to this response from Mussolini Mikey "Mr. 36%" Briggs weighs in like the snake he is:  (And keep in mind the fact that Mussolini was just, this past month, destroyed at the polls in one of THE worst defeats this district has ever seen.)

  • Mike Briggs ·  Top Commenter · 1 at Candidate - WA ST House
    Ben, two lines from your statement above are critical for me:

    "...sinking this generation's hope of replacing the I-5 bridge."

    "she seems to have no problem poisoning relationships in Clark County as long as she gets a political reward for doing so."

    Ann Rivers is a very good politician. She is a good chess player, smart, decisive, can be quick but is this all that makes up a good leader? No. One must be altruistic and one who holds good values beyond personal ambition. Unfortunately, I must question her motives. I see a lot of ambition with Sen.Rivers. There really is no reason she should want to also be a Clark County legislator along with her State of Washington duties, unless, one desires to have your fingers in two huge pots of government at the same time. Folks- this can be dangerous.

Even after the Titanic ass kicking he just suffered, Mussolini STILL doesn't understand why he was beaten like a rented red-headed step child.

That Mussolini hypocritically questions River's motives (And this little worm has no motives of his own, right?) is but one symptom of why the electorate of this district kicked his ass sideways.

Fortunately, what Rivers does, does not do, or wants to do isn't up for your judgement, save for your cancerous vote.

And, of course, this knuckle-dragging mouth breather has apparently never heard of Tim Sheldon, who does both with relative ease, of Monica Stonier, who did the same.

And then, this simple idiot still doesn't look at himself as the chief treason he got his head handed to him him by a light weight like Brandon Vick:

  • Mike Briggs ·  Top Commenter · 1 at Candidate - WA ST House
    Tom Thurman, you are correct with one of your statements, "...Republicans were elected by the citizens of Clark County and won fair and square." But your next statement, "the other side can't find candidates that can win", is not entirely accurate. The other side, the Dems, did have good candidates, that was not the problem. The problem was the Dems themselves did not vote. If my own party's members would have been active in their own behalf, the candidates fielded in the last election would have fared much much better.
 Many of those sniveling here whine because no democrats were elected.  A previous commenter pointed out that the dems field turds like Mussolini who get clobbered.

Instead of accepting that he ran a terrible campaign and that even the democrats in the 18th believed he sucked donkey balls so they refused to vote for him, he blamed the turnout.

Who is responsible for the lack of turn out?

If the candidates the fringe-left insist on running don't even reflect the values of the democrats who live here, then why would they remotely believe that democrats would turn out to support them?

See, that's the difference.  To be a fringe-leftist nutter like Briggs is to wrap ones-self in a cocoon of self-delusion.

Briggs' political effort was destroyed for a reason.  And this is the kind of tripe he spews now, clearly showing that he learned nothing from his embarrassment, much like he failed to learn that no one cares what he has to say... about anything.

After all, they don't call him Mr. 36% for nothing.

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