Thursday, December 11, 2014

Greg Kimsey and the Mickey Mouse outfit.

So, last week, there was an "election advisory board" meeting, where they did a post mortem on the election count.

Unfortunately for us all, Kimsey's hatred of David Madore leaked over into his pre-election activities, so Kimsey can no longer be trusted to tell us if it's even daylight out accurately.

And that's a shame.  Until his hatred got the best of him and he sold this county out to achieve his goal of neutering the commissioners and expanding government, he used to be known for his integrity.

Now, of course, he's known for his lack of it.

Since he's been elected, Kimsey's shtick has been to reduce the workload of his office.  A rabid supporter of the felony vote and motor voter, Kimsey has done nothing to urge legislation to tighten the voter registration process such as proof of identity and proof of citizenship.

In fact, the emphasis on the entirety of his tenure has been to reduce his workload... at our expense.

Thus, we get nonsense like this:
In January the legislative session begins and so far there is only one proposed elections related bill being proposed by the Secretary of State’s Office.  This bill would require a person who wants to be elected via a “write-in” process to file a declaration of write-in candidacy form no later than the day ballots are required to be mailed in order for the write-in votes for that person.
Again, there's nothing in this idiocy that helps us: it's all done to help the Auditors.

The reasoning, which again in no way helps us, is stated as this:
Many voters return their voted ballots shortly after they are received and if a person announces their desire to be elected to office as a write-in candidate after those ballots have been returned to the Elections Department, then those voters will not have had an opportunity to consider voting for that person.  If only declared write-in candidates can be elected to office the elections office will not have to use as much labor to resolve ballots with “frivolous” write-ins (e.g. Mickey Mouse, None of the above, etc.).  This bill would also eliminate the possibility of people being elected to office unintentionally.
Can't get it done, Greg?

Then resign. In fact, do us a favor and resign anyway.

There are a wide variety of reasons why this is moronic: Kimsey's sniveling about it doesn't justify it and I sincerely hope that it gets killed if for no other reason than Kimsey supports it.

At the end of the day, any legislation that does not increase ballot security... that does not involve proof of identity and citizenship is completely frivolous.  I will urge my two representatives, Sen. Rivers and Rep. Pike, to work to kill this idiocy and instead, run legislation that will actually make a difference.

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