Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So... tell us again why we should bother to vote?

A great many people on the left are whining about "low voter turn out."

This, in the face of the corruption-laden, don't have to prove your citizenship to register or your address to vote system this county so admires in the form of its obviously corrupt motor voter effort to jack that turn out up...

And people are complaining about the low number that did turn out?

I'm not.

Yes, I voted.  But it was difficult for me to wind up the energy and concentration needed to get it done for the same reason that many of us... perhaps most of us, didn't bother.

Why did I almost shred my ballot, given my 14 years of military service to this country?

Because more and more, I've come to realize that it doesn't matter.

Those we elect generally ignore our vote.  They don't care what we want.  They don't listen because they are ever-so-much smarter than we are, and they ignore us and enrich themselves for our own good.

Locally, for example, the scum on the CTran board majority simply don't care that we oppose their agenda.

We voted: the message was clear, and they ignore it.

And if those sworn to represent US are, when elected, going to ignore US, then why should we bother?

At the federal level, we find that our own government lies to us as a matter of policy.  They ignore laws when it suits them, persecute political groups they don't like and pay a consultant $6 million to come up with a scam that the people DO NOT WANT... and they simply don't care.

The talking heads are babbling more about the "trap" being laid by Obama for the GOP on the latest effort to aid and abet breaking the laws of this land by illegal aliens under the threat of, Oh My God, what will happen if Congress impeaches Obama?

I'm torn about that somewhat myself.  The GOP establishment worries far more about the political impacts than they do the character impacts: after all, if the president is guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors," then isn't it their duty to impeach him, consequences be damned?

Where, for example, does integrity rear it's ugly head over the possibility of losing your re-election as a reason to do the right thing, whatever that may be?

Most of the American people are NOT stupid.  And when we see those who are sworn to protect and defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States turn yet another blind eye to those who violate it at whim, then what the hell difference does it make if we voted or not?

In a day or two, the President of the United States is going to give what amounts to amnesty to roughly 4.5 million illegal alien lawbreakers.  That will cost those of us paying taxes billions of those dollars.

The empty-headed idiot representing us in Congress maintains her silence.  The GOP in Congress talks a great deal but has done and likely will do nothing.

So, what difference does it make who got elected?

We elected Jeanne Stewart, in part, to help the county exercise its veto on the CTran Board, so what does the Board do?

Eliminate the veto because their boy lost.

So, what difference on that issue did voting her into office make?  What consequences will those scum who voted to throw us under the bus (So to speak) realize as a result?


We tell the world we don't want the CRC Scam, the democrats offer nothing... and what difference did any of it make?

Which leads me to this: we didn't vote because increasingly, when we do vote (And my own two kids didn't bother) it doesn't mean a damned thing.

And until those we elect actually listen to us and implement our will instead of insult our intelligence like Tim "the Liar" Leavitt did yesterday...

Tell me again: what difference does it make?

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