Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So, how is it that Jim Mains is getting these free ads from the democratian?

Someone sent me the article up on the democratian web site concerning Mielke announcing for county councilor (as opposed to district councilor) when I see this garbage:
Political consultant Jim Mains has been vetting potential candidates, gauging their name recognition. Many prominent Republicans and Democrats have expressed interest in running for both positions, he said, adding that he expects more announcements to trickle out before the end of the year.
Why is that "news?"  Who cares?  Mains can't "vet" spit.  If he could, it would be, for example, Sheriff Gardner.

And we don't have that, now, do we?

Look, it's bad enough that he's a downtown mafia lackey... but this kind of tripe isn't even subtle.

No one cares what he thinks... and his conclusions will make precisely zero difference.  No one will run because he thinks they should and no one WON'T run because he thinks they shouldn't. So why is the democratian shilling him like he is news?  Is he paying them?


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