Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Memo to the Battle Ground WalMart: do your employees even speak English, or are they scamming to avoid work?

Moments ago, my wife dropped into the relatively new Battle Ground WalMart to pick up a few things for her new office.

She just called me from the store, using language she rarely uses to describe the employees there, who seem to be doing all they can to avoid eye-contact (And thus risking the possibility of providing customer service) when she ran into one and asked her if she could point out the "command center" for products that people use to hang pictures and the like.

Either the woman (Eastern European) didn't understand her or she, more likely, damned sure did understand her and wanted to avoid the effort; but either way, she just looked at my wife and said "Sorry..." in heavily accented English while she turned around and walked away.

Not "I'll find out," or "I don't know," or "drop dead."  She literally turned her back on my wife and walked away.

Wife calls me, livid.  We talked about it and she made the decision to take her cart up front, walk out and go to Fred Meyers.

I support WalMart.  I support the idea of WalMart.  I've said as much in this very blog.

But it will be a cold day in May in San Diego before I ever go back there if this is how they're going to treat people there.

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