Monday, November 17, 2014

Fringe left hate on the democratian Wilson article.

The only thing leftists are good at around here appears to be hatred.

Here are a few of the more choice comments under the article from some of the scum infesting us: gender hatred and bias that wouldn't be allowed to see them light of day in the democratian if they were aimed at a democrat.
Chris Curtis · · Top Commenter
married money - end of story.
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Like our illustrative Secretary of State, John Kerry?

I mean, that would apply to him in 57 different varieties, right?
William Sterr · Top Commenter
This all sounds very upbeat. Time will tell. However, based on her behavior during the campaign, I fear her door, ear, and mind will be open only to those who think like she does. Other citizens need not apply.
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There's absolutely nothing to support this bizarre conclusion, of course.  Whoever this guy is goes on to justify his bizarre claim with this comment:
William Sterr · Top Commenter 

  • Sharla Ripplinger Evans Her failure to respond to the MCA candidate assessment questionnaire despite several PERSONAL attempts to contact here. Her failure to show up at the Council for the Aged forum after promising to be there. Her failure to respond to 20 separate attempts to get her to participate in the Faith Action Network Forum for the 17th district. Her failure to respond to several attempts to communicate with Lauren Dake of the Columbian. How many do you need?
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  • The so-called MCA is a leftist front group run by a partisan hack named Tim Probst, who is trying to shore up his non-partisan cred, as fake as it is, before taking another run at the Senate... once again as a fringe-left democrat.

    That she was smart enough to ignore them (yes, they endorsed every leftist running for the legislature) just shows that she's exactly what we need in office.

    The MCA is nothing.  Ignoring them is the right thing to do.

    And then this remark from a fringe-left C3G2 hater:
    Fran Hammond · Top Commenter · Vancouver, Washington 
    Maybe this is the perfect picture of Mrs. Wilson - the two faces...
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    And then this idiocy:

  • Dewey DesRochers · Top Commenter
    I gotcha: NO NEW TAXES! Oh, except those transportation taxes that keep the family business viable; those taxes are OK! But otherwise, NO NEW TAXES!

  • And then this flaming C3G2 hater's vitriol:
    Tom Gibson · · Top Commenter · Camas, Washington 
    I am just wondering what Wilson has learned about the Constitution from her Tea Party friends. I bet that was one scholarly treatise. Sarcasm intended. Wilson is a Party Girl. Studies show that people that watch Fox "News" have the most uninformed opinions about what is going on in the real world compared to all other news outlets. I am using that term very loosely, since we don't really have news outlets anymore, just news entertainment not backed up by any research or real reporting. What a sad day for the region to be sending someone with no critical thinking skills to Olympia. We could have found that skill set in any bar that is still serving at 2 AM. We don't need any more party girls in our government. Just say no to partisan hacks that do what out of state business interests tell them to do.
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    This is typical of C3G2 hypocritical hatred.  Particularly this stupidity:
    Just say no to partisan hacks that do what out of state business interests tell them to do.
    You mean like billionaire hypocrite Tom Steyer who spent the better part of $2 million to buy Inslee the legislature for his carbon tax?  Like that?

    Of course not.  Hypocritical scum like Tommy Boy would never THINK of attacking THAT kind of "partisan hack," would he?

    Followed up by Tommy's psychotic rambling:

  • Tom Gibson · · Top Commenter · Camas, Washington
    Christian Berrigan When you don't have any facts on your side then attack the person. I see you are a party girl too. Woo hoo! You are so fun!

  • Blind partisan hatred and hypocrisy at it's finest.  Her just finishes doing the same exact thing he claims someone else did.

    It's a shame that some people appear to be so stoned when they babble like this.

    And then this clown, engaging in pillow talk in the rag:
    Steve Tubbs · University of Washington 
    Great. Another angry politician. There are two options when a crisis in the neighborhood arises: build the walls higher, top them with broken glass and barbed wire, and make sure you have plenty of guns and ammo; or you can go outside, look around and see who needs help and why, and lend a hand. Asked of her agenda, she could think of only one thing: the Second Amendment. Housing? Nope. Education? Nope. Transportation? Nope. We're stuck with another 'nope' dope.
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    So, one has to wonder: what does this kind of fringe-left idiot have to say about slimeball Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller, THE angriest of the angry?

    I get that Steve wants Obamian socialism, but you see, that's why "elections have consequences."

    And then the wife chimes in: (Another C3G2 hater, BTW)
    Which means what, exactly?

    Maybe you two should just get a room?

    And that's the kind of hatred the left espouses for anyone smart enough to abhor their world view.

    We get everything from leftist clowns shilling for a political vehicle for Tim Probst (Who no doubt will run for the Senate... again... in 16) to C3G2 haters who think it's cute to babble about things they no nothing about, engaging in the most rank forms of hypocrisy.

    Is it any wonder no one takes them seriously?  No one bothers to fill out their self-serving forms?

    I'd never allow these scum to darken my doorway.

    But that's just me.

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