Monday, November 17, 2014

Another American beheaded. Another yawn from the democrats and the White House.

I suppose when both the president and those surrounding him are cowards, this sort of thing is to be expected.

Peter Kassig, who was stupid enough to become a Muslim after his time as an Army Ranger, may have learned the error of his ways while in the process of having his head separated from his body by a fellow practitioner of the "Religion of Peace" (tm)

Or, he may not have.

The irony of that decision aside, Peter is yet another in the series of Americans slaughtered by these scum in the region that Obama is allowing ISIS to control.

At this point, as a nation, Obama has inflicted no particular punishment on these people as a result: no message has been sent that this sort of thing is not acceptable.  It's all a part of the "I'm a total moron about all things military" philosophy that the fraud who brought us Obamacare knows so very much about.

He is, after all,the brightest guy in the room: just ask him.

We nibble at the margins; we act like a mosquito getting a lunch from an elephant.

Having destroyed another American life for free... not unlike those slime in Benghazi, come to think of it... what lesson did beheading these Americans teach ISIS?

Are they MORE likely or LESS likely to engage in this sort of activity today than they were yesterday?

That's the thing, you see: whenever anyone engages in this sort of activity, we need to make the costs for that so expensive that they readjust their thinking.

And yet, relatively speaking, we are doing much, much less than we did as part of our operations in Kosovo under Billy Clinton.

And people in Kosovo weren't beheading us.

This all goes back to my month's long position that we must reintroduce combat troops to the region to root these scum out and slaughter THEM, instead of sitting back and allowing them to slaughter US.

Here's the thing, ladies and gentlemen: these people ARE coming for us.

Looking at it from their perspective, why shouldn't they?

It's a matter of time until they attack us here.

If it happens on Obama's watch, which wouldn't surprise me, then what?

If it happens on the next president's watch, how much blame will that embarrassment of a president we have NOW get, and what price will HE have to pay?  What will we do then?

Obama's ostrich approach to governance... foreign and domestic... is getting us killed in ever-increasing numbers.  At some point, enough is enough.

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