Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why is Greg Kimsey directly lying about the Charter? Has the GOP kicked him out yet?

I have posted and proven many times that once (if) the charter scam is voted in, we can NEVER get rid of it.

So why is Greg Kimsey, fringe-leftist fake Republican, CRC scamming C3G2 hater lying about it?

Look, the only hope these leftist haters have is to lie.  If they were to tell the truth about both the substance of this idiocy and their motives behind it, they'd be lucky to get 1% of the vote.

But Kimsey, who likely violated the law with his lie of a campaign piece he stuffed into the voters pamphlet, is the Auditor.  And as much as his hatred of all things conservative warps his judgment, he should know better.

So, why did he babble THIS lie over on David Madore's Facebook page?
"Further: If voters adopt a home rule charter, voters may subsequently repeal that charter."
Exclusive of the fact that Kimsey and his ilk demanded that it would require around 50,000 signatures to even modify the charter, IT CAN NEVER BE REPEALED.

Kimsey is flat out, dead wrong.

Is it possible he was ignorant of that kind of garbage?  He's not the first slimeball shilling this garbage to lie about this: Mussolini Mikey Briggs did it as well.

If he didn't know, then how can he babble about what the charter will or will not do?

And if, as is more likely, he DID know, then why is this clown lying?

Guess what: the democratian isn't going to address this issue.  They know it would crush this at the polls if they admitted we were being lied to.

But I'm going to remember this.  Just like I'm going to remember that Kimsey was one of the scum shilling for the CRC Rape.

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