Saturday, October 18, 2014

WEA and Monica Stonier bitch-slapped by the Freedom Foundation.

A tough week for Monica and her owners, the WEA.

First, a little review: here's what the democratian USED to have to say about Monica Stonier before they went full potato and knocked off any pretense of fairness going completely in the tank for the left.
"...singing pitch-perfect the talking point serenades of the Washington Education Association, the teachers’ union. Stonier shows no inclination to force public employees to incur the same pay and benefits sacrifices that private-sector workers have suffered. Her big campaign advantages over Hash are party connections and political clout. She — and not the eccentric attorney/accountant/computer nerd/rich guy — is the darling of local Democrats."
Now owned by the WEA as if the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion,  here's a little something that happened as a result of their lies on TV...

Remember Rule One:  If you have to lie to get elected, lie to change our government, lie to get an initiative/referendum passed or lie to get your project built?

You shouldn't BE elected, our government shouldn't BE changed, your initiative/referendum shouldn't BE passed and your project shouldn't BE built.

Just sayin.

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