Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Three I won't vote for: Van Nortwick, Lasher and Kimsey.

There was an article today in the Lazy C that detailed these three whining about getting a pay raise to the county commissioners.

Well, screw that.

Here's my take:
  • The reason I disagree with these three is they're not speaking out of the best interests of the people: they're speaking for the best interests of themselves.

    Like teachers, they knew what the job paid when they took it. If it didn't pay enough, then they should go look for work elsewhere.

    Kimsey, who should be recalled over his multiple violations of the law with his voter pamphlet hijinks, isn't lacking respect because he's not making even more than the $100K he's being paid. Far from it.

    If these three don't like the pay, then certainly they can feel free to resign.

    I will never vote for any of them anyway.
It never ceases to amaze me that government workers, elected, appointed or otherwise, seem incapable of determining the pay of their position BEFORE they take it.

I don't care that people working for you may get paid more.  That's your problem.

Happens all the time in, say, professional sports where their players are frequently paid much more than their coaches or general manager.

If your subordinates get paid more, then feel free to apply for their job when next they come open.

Meanwhile, if your 6 figure check isn't enough, then feel free to quit.

Someone will be along directly to take your job.

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