Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The C3G2 hatred: they finally admit it's about Madore.

For the past several months, I've been saying it's all about Madore.

It's NEVER been about "good governance."

It's ALWAYS been about leftist hatred and arrogance.

These scum can't touch the people who killed their decade long dream of raping our local wallets to the tune of $100 million dollars per year for the next 45 years in tolls: let's remember: Greg Kimsey, who seems to have broken the law, deliberately, and lie about the Charter scam was a CRC supporter big time... so he joined with the rest of the leftist haters to attack Madore because he is one of those most responsible for stopping the biggest rip off this corner of the United States has ever seen.

All the months I pointed this out.

All the months the fringe-leftist haters denied it.

And now this is the ad confirming it.

Remember, readers: they've been lying about everything concerning their motives for this rip off.... isn't it time you wondered what else they're lying about?

Well, now you know:

 I have an incontrovertible political law:

If you have to lie to get elected (Most democrats) get your project built (CRC) or to get your initiative/proposition passed...(I-502 (Pot) and the Charter)....

Then you shouldn't BE elected, your project shouldn't BE built and your initiative/proposition shouldn't BE passed.

This is one of those times: Vote NO on the Charter.

You'll be glad you did.

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