Saturday, October 25, 2014

So, the rag finally gets around to babbling about leftist billionaire Steyer's millions being dropped here in Washington: leftists yawn.

For weeks now, fringe-left nutter Tom Steyer's California money has been flooding legislative races here in Washington.

You think for one second that Al Bauer is "bitter" about that?

You think Pridemore is going to babble about THAT "shady money?"

You believe for one second that C3G2 will, in any way, condemn HIS "filthy lucre?"

Of course not.

Leftist hypocrisy is the stuff of legend.  The whining and sniveling over the pittance of money that David Madore has used in comparison to the $430,000 outside interests are, for example, dumping into the Stonier-Wilson race without peep one from this hypocrites causes a stench that they can smell in Idaho.

Will there be this whining and grinding of teeth from the local fringe-leftists infesting us?

Let's just say I'm not going to hold my breath, shall we?

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Billionaire's cash flows into Washington Senate race.

Seattle-flush with cash from California billionaire Tom Steyer's group, A Washington state environmental group is backing candidates this November to help Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee pass sweeping climate change legislation.

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