Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"No choice" Royce Pollard breaking PDC law?

So, two of the local CRC Scamming morons were so upset by getting their political heads kicked in over the $200 million CRC Scam that they set up leftist-front Hate PACS.

One, Paul Montague, continues to be the buffoon he was when he was running Identity Vancouver and lying about the CRC Scam.

His "PAC is a joke: $650 in the several months it's been around, board members and Montague himself responsible for most of that; they'll have no impact on this cycle, or likely any other given what a joke he is personally and whaqt a joke his Hate PAC is.

The second is "No Choice" Royce.

No Choice's Hate PAC, "Clark County is not for sale (Except to well-off leftists)" has put together around $20,000 or so from the usual leftist funders and Madore haters.

Where the violation of the law likely comes in, according to a call to the PDC, is this:

What they're telling me is that you can't bundle vendors.

So, print here is one vender; postage is another: specifically, the United State Postal Service.

Also, they must identify that the expenditure as in either support of or opposition to a candidate or initiative.

This isn't a big mailer by any means: in fact, it's a total waste of money... but these people hate so deeply that they're willing to waste thousands because of it.

That seems to be the meme with the left.

Law is inconvenient?

Screw the law.

Well, here it is.  Ponder this as you vote.

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