Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Neo Communist Winningham: I'm a compassionate conservative.

Things are not going well for the left in this country today.

In this election, they have an anchor around their neck called Obama, arguably the worst president this country has ever known... so bad, in fact, that I long for the days of the well-meaning buffoonery of Jimmah Carter.

On the first Tuesday of November, the left stands to get massacred.  As bad as it's going to be for them... and it's going to be horrific... it could have been a slaughter of epic proportions had the GOP just unified behind some messaging... not unlike the massacre of 1994 where we had the Contract With America... and where electing Republicans was essentially a known quantity as to what was going to happen based on the "contract," now... they have nothing.


As a group. local democrats stand as a prime example of the tinnest ears in politics.

The multiple failures of Obama have impacted everyone negatively, unless, of course, you're an illegal alien from south of the border.

Here, we have a group of narcissistic leftists who brook no opposition to their positions, philosophies, plans, projects or, in the case of the hated charter scam, their plan to overturn the election of 2012.

A prime example of that idiocy are the two democrats "running" in the 18th District, Maureen "Bully" Winningham and Mussolini Mikey Briggs.

Both are going to undergo political humiliation this November 4th; neither are fit for elective office; one, Winningham, is essentially a psychotic political liar, the other, Briggs, holds positions so far out of the mainstream of the politics of the 18th District that he's more closely aligned with Mao than he is the people...and he's been known to riff a few lies himself.... but nothing close to the psychotic drivel of Bully Loserham.

Loserham is as much a fringe-left hater as Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller... even, perhaps, more so.

Her public presentation shows what a despicable political cretin she really is: here's a video summary prepared by Lew Waters to illustrate the point:

The hell of it is, by now... and in fact, several months ago, Bully, in her own swinish little way, KNEW she was going to be assassinated at the polls here.

She goes full hypocrite by attacking Our Liz for taking oil money/train money when many, if not most... and the entire democrat caucus itself, has taken oil/train dollars as a group, and specifically, our own local fringe-left whack job, Molehill Moeller.

This is the kind of thing that firmly affixes her to the "scum" level.

She has the right to be stupid and is fully exercising that right by pointing out that Pike took this money WITHOUT mentioning that several of her fellow democrats have done the same.

Attack someone else for doing something?  Fine.  That's politics.


That's rank hypocrisy.  That's the worst kind of lie... a lie of omission,... a lie where you KNEW what was going on, but refused to allow that to get in the way of your "my opponent bad" meme.

And after all of that... this union scammer (Gotta wonder, did SHE tell all those unions that she was doing all she could to help her employer outsource 50,000 jobs to India?) THEN proceeds to spew THIS stupidity in the democratian puff piece they did for her:
Winningham said she considers herself a compassionate conservative who believes officials should take care of social needs as well as be fiscally conservative.
I literally threw up.

This CRC scamming witch wants to tax us broke.  And yet, she's reduced to a pathetic attempt to portray herself as a Republican in sheep's clothing.

These are the depths to which they've sunk.  To me, the question is simple: will this whining leftist sycophant even break 60%?

I don't think so.  But what do I know?

And Bully, if it isn't too late, maybe you should demand that Heather Stuart refund those thousands of dollars she's scammed from you.  Clearly, whatever she's given you ain't been worth it.

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