Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Local leftists double down on stupid: try and run idiotic "thank you" resolution to the pro-CRC rape attempt, prove it's still alive.

Kudos to Commissioners Madore and Mielke for killing this idiotic resolution.

As a resident of this area for 26 years and a resident of Washington for 59 (minus most of my 14 years in the military) I have never seen such a large, idiotic and reviled project as the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

A projected waste of as much as $10 BILLION (with a "B") that would yoke as many as 65,000 commuting families to the beginning tune of $2000 per year... each... for 45 years.  A product of smoke-filled room corruption by scum like No-Choice Royce, Craig Pridemore and Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, it is simply beyond my comprehension that any political group could be so bent on their own self-destruction than the rabid, lying, leftist slime and their decade-long political death wish known as the CRC.

This train wreck of idiocy, corruption, payoffs, lies, distortions and division is the number one reason the fringe-left and the downtown mafia has become utterly irrelevant on the local political scene.

Political careers have been destroyed over the mystifying, dogged determination of the die-hard left to ram this thing down our collective throats.  (Look up "Marc Boldt.")  It's like watching someone beat their heads into a wall so hard that they crack their own skulls... only to keep beating themselves in the face.

Even now, the leftist scum running for office here locally remain doggedly determined to ignore the overwhelming will of the people of this county, who have repeatedly rejected the stench of this project, only to be completely ignored by those most responsible for the effort.

This insanity will be the bellwether of candidates in this area for another decade as the leftists continue to try political CPR on their CRC.

1.  During the CRC Scam, did you support or oppose that rip off?

2.  What did you do to oppose it?

3.  If you were moronic enough to support it, why did you ignore the will of the people?

4.  If you get the chance to vote on a revived CRC rip off, what will your vote be?

These questions, of course, will also cost the left this commission seat: Pridemore, as a rabid fringe-left opportunist and one of the fathers of this scam, is DOA because of it.  That the same scum behind the CRC are also pushing and financing the Charter scam makes it just too easy to connect the dots between this hated and reviled project and the scumbag candidates running on the left today as well as their supporters and financiers pushing it.

It's an outcome and campaign that writes itself.

Unbelievably, the left simply does not care that the vast majority of the people of this county loath both the project and those scamming it.  They don't care that this project is hated across all demographics: across ages, genders and political parties: they don't care that they lost control of the commission because of this and lost numerous legislative seats as well.

So, imagine my surprise when I found out these leftist slime tried to ram a resolution through that would actually have thanked those bent on raping this community and our wallets with an unnecessary and unaffordable project that would accomplish absolutely nothing except to enrich the friends of the downtown mafia... all at our expense.

Thanking the scum who shilled this inanity would be like the inmates thanking their concentration camp guards.  This was such a stain on democracy as to be an insult to the very concept.

That the fringe-left wackos like Ed Barnes could be so delusional that they'd even consider such a thing shows how out of touch these swine are and how disdainful these leftists are of "We the People."

As a fringe-left nutberger, Barnes; who's whining and sniveling and pouting over what he wants has achieved legendary status, is reduced to claiming that he wasn't "being treated fairly."

That's a joke, of course: it was his way of throwing a snit and bringing attention to himself and that idiotic project.

And, I actually want to thank him for that, since it serves to illustrate the reality of the CRC Scam:

It's anything BUT dead.  It's very much alive.

The left has offered up NOTHING beyond the CRC Scam and have, in fact, acted to obstruct any other alternative any and every chance they get.

This moronic play by Barnes was carefully orchestrated... and it served a purpose... just not quite the one the fringe-left nutters wanted.

In the end, Barnes put this exclamation point on his stupidity:
Looking at the sign directly above the other two commissioners, Barnes said: "I'd like to see the future get a little shinier."
When Jeanne Stewart is elected in 35 odd days or so, and the Charter is crushed... the future will be shining like a beacon visible for a thousand miles... and the left will be wondering "what happened?"

They won't believe the truth: that they had no one to blame but themselves.

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