Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Leftist outrage at WEA dumping $200,000 plus into Wilson/Stonier race nonexistent. "That's different."

Local leftists have been whining and sniveling, rather hypocritically, it turns out that David Madore "bought" his seat on the county commission.

The very idea that the "ideas" of the fringe-left could be rejected by the people is simply beyond their comprehension, since every leftist here locally believes themselves to be the smartest guy (or girl) in the room.

They're not, of course, but that really is besides the point.

Now, in an obvious panic that the dems are going to lose the Stonier seat and a representative that the Lazy C referred to as
"....singing pitch-perfect the talking point serenades of the Washington Education Association, the teachers’ union. Stonier shows no inclination to force public employees to incur the same pay and benefits sacrifices that private-sector workers have suffered. Her big campaign advantages over Hash are party connections and political clout. She — and not the eccentric attorney/accountant/computer nerd/rich guy — is the darling of local Democrats."
They've dropped something on the order of $200,000 plus into this race in the last few days.

Of course that she's something of a teacher, a democrat, a leftist and that she carries their water like Gunga Din might have something to do with it.

That's OK with local leftists; much like it was OK for DelBene to spend over $3 million of her own money on her congressional race.

You see, that's "different."

It's always "different" when THEY do it.

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