Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kitzhaber's housemate is SUCH a "dope."

Over at Willamette Week; where unlike the daily democrat, they actually seem to practice something akin to journalism... they don't seem to have all that many sacred cows, unlike Brancaccio's Bullies at the Lazy C... where a leftist could commit axe murder and they'd get a pass and where anyone to the right of Mao gets crucified for a parking ticket in comparison.

I can imagine the pillow talk between the First Booty Call and Taxhaber.

Oregon voters won't care, by and large.  Kitzhaber's apparently hormonally driven judgment, already crushed by a $300 million dollar waste on the Obamacare website which, if memory serves, failed to sign up a single Oregonian for that rip off; should not only be enough to keep him from being re-elected, it should be enough to get him indicted.

Yet, as a democrat, Kitzhaber could be a child molester and get re-elected in the Oregon Soviet.

The whole thing is kind of amusing to political junkies.  I'm sure Kitzhaber's consultants, exclusive of the one he exchanges bodily fluids with, are freaking out, at least a little bit.  Down-ticket democrats are likely moving away from Kitz at warp speed.

But will it make any difference except for his girlfriend, who appears to have been playing Kitz like a tuba, having to spend some quality time on the couch at night for a few days?

Oregonians have never seemed to be the most politically savvy group.  They certainly have the government they deserve... and they will the morning after the election as well.

Meanwhile, have a look at something approaching the long-lost-around-here art of journalism.

First Lady Inc.

Cylvia Hayes has two careers. She pursues both out of the governor’s office.

lede-scroller_4049IMAGE: oregon.gov

Cylvia Hayes may be the most influential first lady in Oregon history.

Kitzhaber's Office Bent State Ethics Standards to Suit First Lady Cylvia Hayes, Records Show

Governor's staff tried to stop her from using Mahonia Hall and her title for her private business

news_4027(kitzhaber)Gov. John Kitzhaber - IMAGE: WW Staff
Gov. John Kitzhaber’s then-chief of staff and top lawyer last year tried to stop First LadyCylvia Hayes from running her private consulting business out the governor’s mansion and from continuing to use her title for paid speaking engagements, records recently released to WW show.
Hayes would not abide by those restrictions and Kitzhaber’s staff backed down, records show, rewriting ethical guidelines so Hayes could continue to use Mahonia Hall and the first lady title for her personal business.

Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes' Undisclosed Third Marriage Was to 18-Year-Old Immigrant

Hayes: "Governor did not know until yesterday."

lede-03-adamwickhamOregon Gov. John Kitzhaber and First Lady Cylvia Hayes. - IMAGE: Adam Wickham
Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes regularly speaks about her hardscrabble background—a childhood in poverty, her struggle to get through school, and her two marriages before meeting Gov. John Kitzhaber, to whom she is now engaged. It’s a narrative that has been widely reported by media around the state.
On Wednesday, WW published a story about the private consulting work Hayes, 47, has performed while first lady. In the story, we reported Hayes had actually been married and divorced three times. That’s a small detail that might seem otherwise unremarkable.

1997: Cylvia Hayes jointly bought property for pot grow

Oregon First Lady said, "I am not proud of that brief period of time"

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Just four months after she married an Ethiopian man solely to help him become a US citizen, Cylvia Hayes was involved with a property she admits was intended to be an illegal marijuana grow operation.A retired real estate broker told The Oregonian on Monday night that he sold Cylvia Hayes and her then-boyfriend a 60-acre parcel in Washington in late 1997, and after the property went into foreclosure, he found marijuana trimmings in an upstairs bedroom.

Hayes, 47, issued a statement Monday in response to the story writing "the property in Okanogan was intended to be the site of a marijuana grow operation that never materialized. I was never financially involved with it. I did not pay any part of the down payment or mortgage payments."

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