Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jeannie Stewart gets $89,000 in independent expenditures; fringe left nutters flip out: Monica Stonier gets a quarter million from the WEA and not a peep.

To be a local fringe-left nutter is to be a hypocrite.

It's that simple.

Jeannie Stewart's campaign has apparently (I haven't checked... and since when is the democratian a credible source?) benefited from $89,000 from somewhere.

Monica Stonier's campaign is benefiting from almost a quarter of a million dollars from the WEA, with likely more to come.

Are these same fringe-leftist swine bitching about that?

Of course not.

And that's just one of the many reason the leftist haters are so despicable.

Truth being stranger then fiction, I have no trouble with these slime whining that they're being outspent on this issue: it's a low to zero priority for democrats as a party, since they're fighting for their lives in this election legislatively (That is, money for legislative races) but I have a HUGE problem with their institutional failure to hold democrats receiving huge checks from out of state or out of area funders, given how much they've whined and sniveled over David Madore's money.

Have you seen any complaints from these scum over, say, George Soros?  How about fringe-leftist whacker billionaire Tom Steyer?

Seen them complain over Suzan DelBene spending $3 million plus of her own money on her congressional race in the WA01?

Bully Loserham has popped her girdle over Our Liz taking $500 from "Big Oil," although she even has to lie about that, claiming the figure is in the "thousands," all the while remaining absolutely silent about her fellow democrats sucking at the same trough, including our own fringe-left nutter, Jim "Molehill" Moeller... and the entire democrat caucus and several other democrat candidates and organizations.

God, it is said, hates a hypocrite.

These people are ALL hypocrites.

I really don't care where Jeanne Stewart's money came from since she had zero control or input over it, just like WEA lackey ("Pitch-perfect singer..." wasn't that what the cancer on our community called her?) Monica Stonier's campaign gets hers... since she has zero control over it, either.

But these fringe-left morons are falsely claiming it violates the law, or in the case of Pridemore, falsely sniveling about an ethics violation.

Meanwhile, that millions are spent by and on leftist candidates doesn't even cause a ripple among these scum.

And that's what pisses me off the most.

The C3G2 haters ban people, and then whine like cut cats when they are, in turn banned.

They lie like they breathe (How long did they lie to us about this "not being about David Madore?") and then whine when it doesn't work.

Vote for them or their agenda?

They're lucky we don't spit on them in our disgust. 

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