Sunday, October 19, 2014

I'm stunned: the democratian endorses the anti-Madore hate-fest known as the charter.

When your editorial position on any issue is run through a screen of partisan hatred, and the democratian is undeniably that.

So of course the rag is going to endorse this anti-Madore/anti-conservative screed known as the Charter.

The scum running the rag and shilling this garbage WANT Clark County to become another version of King County.  They believe that adoption of this turd will get them that much closer.

Their gerrymandered districts to completely isolate the rural area of our county; they have lied unceasingly about WHY they are doing this (Hatred of Madore being the nexus for all of this, a hatred that extends to Lucas, Kimsey, Boldt, and of course, the many other leftists rejected by the GOP.

This will likely be Kimsey's last term.  I, personally, am going to do all I can to make that happen for the same reason I did all I could to make it happen with my own brother-in-law: they both put their own fringe-left agendas ahead of what's best for the people of this county, in fact, joining their fellow leftists in not giving a damn about what the people of this county want, say or believe: I need go no further then recalling that both Boldt AND Kimsey were rabid CRC supporters... and we all know how much the CRC scammers were looking our for us.

So,ultimately, it comes as no surprise that the daily hater would double down on their hatred.

First, the left rabidly supports this effort to neuter the commission and reduce the impact of the 2012 election since they had zero grounds for a recall against either Madore or Mielke for exercising the prerogative put into place by democrats to hire Don Benton.

The unmentioned 800 pound gorilla in the room is this fact:  had they hired some fringe-left moron to do the job, say, a Jim "Molehill" Moeller or a Lefty Lou Brancaccio, you would not have heard a peep out of the hypocrites of the left.

I know it; anyone politically aware in the local area knows it, and this charter scam is the end result of hatred of conservatives generally and the two conservatives on the county commission particularly.

I have not read, nor will I read, the editorial in question (In the interests of full disclosure.)  I have no interest in reading regurgitated democrat lies, completely disproven assertions, distortions and falsities.

It has been my assertion, since verified by no less than Lefty Lou himself, that the rank hatred and partisanship behind this is a result of leftist hatred of David Madore.

And hatred of an individual sitting on a government commission should never justify getting rid of the entire government and replacing it with partisan crap like this.

That the rag supports it?

Color me NOT amazed.  Most of the fringe-left around here does support this legalized coup attempt. And for the same, hateful reasons.

For a GENUINE journalistic take on this massive ripoff, I urge the reader to review Marvin Case's articles, "Why I'm voting 'no' on the proposed charter - Part I and Part II" in the county's paper of record.

Case's sober and somber assessment of this conspiracy carries much more weight then the democrat daily.  And who are we to believe?

An editorial crew that has spewed hatred against David Madore for long over two years because they hate conservatives?

Or a guy respected by all sides for 3 decades who has zero dogs in this particular fight?

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