Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Here's why our local fringe-left whackos don't talk about any alternative to the CRC Scam.... Because it's still very much alive.

Gee, you suppose this why the democratian supports Herrera? She was in the project's back pocket.

And this is why the democrats only wanted to babble about this rip-off and grenade any other alternative.
October 28th, 2014 | by NIGEL JAQUISS News | Posted In: Politics, Transportation, Legislature

Billionaire Enviro Could Revive the Columbia River Crossing Project

lede_3917_(crc_bw)The Proposed Columbia River Crossing - IMAGE: columbiarivercrossing.org
A billionaire California environmentalistwho is on track to spend more than $50 million of his fortune to help make climate change a major issue in the Nov. 4 elections could inadvertently trigger the re-start of theColumbia River Crossing project, a deal Oregon enviros have widely panned. 
Hedge fund billionaire Thomas Steyer is targeting climate change deniers across the country, including in legislative races. In Oregon, his political action committee,Nextgen Climate Action, has given $70,000 to Oregon League of Conservation Voters
The New York Times reports that Steyer has bigger goals.
"The effort by a California billionaire named Thomas F. Steyer to bolster global climate change measures in Washington has turned the battle over the State Senate into one of the most expensive legislative elections in state history," theTimes reports. "The Democrats need a net gain of two seats to achieve a Senate majority, and Mr. Steyer’s political action committee, Nextgen Climate Action, has contributed $1.25 million to that goal."
If Steyer is successful up north, he could help give Democrats enough votes in the Washington legislature to bring back the $3.2 billion Columbia River Crossing, a project that Oregon's leading environmental groups, including the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and 1000 Friends of Oregon, worked to kill last year.

The CRC would deliver a new freeway and light rail connection between Portland and Vancouver, Wash., and replace troublesome I-5 interchanges in both cities. 
See, all that whining about Madore is nothing but bright, shiny object politics.  They don't care that one of their own is trying to buy the legislature.  Imagine the sniveling that would be going on if it were the Koch Brothers.

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