Monday, October 20, 2014

Getting hit with the C3G2 Charter Yes hate site ban hammer

It's no great surprise: I've been hit with the C3G2-CharterYES fb page ban hammer.

As many are aware, the C3G2 hate site on FB was a result of their attempt to politically lynch both David Madore and Tom Mielke after the Benton hiring early last year.

The hatred expressed by CharterYES supporters on the C3G2 hate site is palpable.  It emanates like the radiation this group represents, a group that fails to understand that the ultimate accountability for the actions of Madore and Mielke rests at the ballot box when or if they run for re-election.

I oppose their tactics, if not their effort, because frankly, if these scum are successful here, is their any doubt that this will become their modus operandi towards any Republican... or anyone else to the right of Mao.

Politics, in many respects, is a lot like football.

And in football, when you find a successful play, you keep running it until the other team can stop it.

It needs to be stopped here and now, or we are going to see hate sites like the C3G2 variety literally for years... until they can be stopped by repeated defeats at the polls, starting with the defeat of this horrific Charter and one of it's chief shillers: Craig Pridemore.

CharterYES KJ Hinton, we've had to delete your comment about hate. You

have already received 2 warnings for previous name-calling and we are now

having to consider additional action due to your inability to follow repeated

requests on the page for civil discourse

To which, I replied:
"Considering additional action?"

Truth doesn't mean a great deal to your sort, does it?

What would you prefer?  What takes the place of your hatred of David Madore, your efforts to lynch him and those efforts to turn our government and this county into another King County?

Compared to the comments many of you have left and have attempted to leave on Madore's facebook page, use of the word "hate" isn't even a dent in an 8 car collision. 
And please, try not to confuse the word "had" (because, of course, you DON'T have to... ) with "want".

Lew Waters and Lou Brancaccio have both laid it out very well: you people literally hate David Madore.  You would do anything short of shooting him to get rid of him. 
I know it, you know it and the whole local political world knows it.

What angers me is that you refuse to admit it.

Your hatred of a man or two does not come close to providing the justification necessary for this legalized lynch mob.  And if "additional action" means banning me... again... like the C3G2 haters?

Well, that's a price I'm willing to pay.

Just remember the hypocrisy of such an action.  The rivers of tears over Madore banning all of you involved with the C3G2 site could fill Lake Vancouver.

I expected it.  And I can live with it.

"consider additional action," indeed.

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