Thursday, October 02, 2014

Eerie similarity between White House leftists and local haters.

I was struck this morning by an eerie similarity between our local leftist haters and the haters at the national level general, and those clustered around that simple idiot in the White House.

The very real and negative impacts to this country will, ultimately, have to be experienced to be believed. 
The result?

A president, a House Minority Leader and former Speaker and a Senate Majority leader so far out of touch with the people of this country that it's a cartoon of governance.

We have the same thing at this level: a dogged insistence by local haters that those opposed to their agenda must be ignored, must be attacked, must be belittled.

Local leftists insist on building the CRC.  Some of the more disingenuous actually claim that the very much alive CRC Scam is, in fact, dead.  It's not dead, of course.

Elect Jim MoellerThe CRC is dead. Oregon and Washington was simply given a reprieve from paying back the funds for development for 5 years. About 189 million total or about 90 million dollars a piece. In the meantime, federal funding has gone away to other cities and states that actually want to help their local economies instead of play at politics.
Moeller is flat out lying, of course: the CRC is not even close to dead ("Dead" would mean we wouldn't have received this "extension.") the states won't have to pay anything back; and if they did, it wouldn't be "90 million dollars a piece."

Why leftists have to lie to get what they want is a mystery to me: wouldn't it just be better to tell the truth and have their agenda crushed as "worthless" at the beginning while they spare us the histrionics?

And this hypocriteal babbling about "playing politics?"


But Moeller stands as just one of the many leftist examples of self-delusion so reminiscent up and down the ticket.

At the federal level, the most recent ostrich approach has given us ISIS.

At the local level, democrats lie like they breathe:

Or this creepily psychotic series of lies from Bully Winningham.

These people seem to operate in something of a vacuum.  They don't care what the people want. They don't listen.  They're incompetent.  They hate those who oppose them.  Their supporters are, in fact, quite unhinged in their hatred, like the C3G2 haters.

They seem to believe they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and damn the consequences... just... like... that moron.... in the White House.

Well, this November, all concerned will discover that, in fact, all politics are local.  We have the opportunity to send them a message... to rip up their bogus charter, to crush their candidates and to put people in charge who understand what the word "represent" really means.

Just sayin'.

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