Wednesday, October 22, 2014

C3G2 haters prove their hypocrisy: it's OK for millionaires to try and buy the charter...

The scum at C3G2 are flipping out over $35,000 that David Madore gave to the state GOP this cycle.

They've got nothing bad to say about the WEA dropping a quarter of a million dollars on Monica Stonier... certainly, Piss-Poor Pridemore has no problem with it.

But let David Madore give $35,000 to the state GOP, and oh my GOD, these clowns go NUTS!

Meanwhile, local millionaires Ed Lynch and David Nierenberg drop bank on the Charter scam... well, at least until they figured out they were wasting their money... and now, no more money from them, eh?

It's kind of like the left's hatred of the Koch Brothers: they try to demonize David Madore (with the democratian's help, of course) exactly the same way.

Of course, they don't have shit to say about fringe-left nutter billionaire Tom Steyer swooping in from Califiornia to try and buy control over an entire state's legislature... or George Soros swooping in and trying to buy control of an entire Congress... or even democrat congresswoman Suzan DelBene BUYING HER congressional seat (up north - 1st District)  by dropping $3 million plus of HER own money on her race.

That's the frustrating thing about these lying scum of the C3G2 ilk.

They're obviously entitled to all the rank hypocrisy they can muster: this is, for now anyway, America as yet, and that means they can be as big a group of assholes as they want to be.

Just like I have the right to point out their hatred, arrogance and disdain for the will of the people of this county when its at cross-purposes to their agenda.

David Madore has the right to do whatever he wants with his money.  Pridemore's got the right to be as butthurt as he can be because of it.

But that doesn't mean we should vote for that scumbag, and I will never, ever, do that.

Pridemore, fortunately, is going to lose.  That will be the 3rd strike and hopefully, that will be the political end of that putz.

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