Saturday, October 11, 2014

As expected, democratian goes all in on the Charter scam: endorsement to follow.

If Lefty Lou Brancaccio isn't anything, he's predictable.

In a short time, he's going to find out (as are we all) what the outcome of his year-plus attempt to assassinate Commissioner David Madore in every way possible excepting bullets will bear fruit.

My take?

The answer is going to be "no."

Not that Lefty isn't going to try, you understand: his hatred of the man seeps down to the Leftist-DNA level.  Every other single issue confronting this community, every other abuse of power, like throwing/wasting tens of thousands of dollars at the city manager of Vancouver, a reason each and every one of those voting for that fiasco should be recalled over, gets a brief mention, never to be mentioned again.

No cartoon characters.  No fringe-left self-aggrandizement.  No cups.

Two editors, one cup.

When hatred is what drives you, like it drives charter supporters and those working at the democratian, a set of blinders descends that shuts out everything else, including common sense.

From the political perspective, the left has made monumental errors."Own-goals" so bizarre as to boggle the mind.

Timing is critical in these sorts of things.

The people no longer pay attention, if they ever did, to the Gregorian-chant-like drumbeat of hatred flying out of Brancaccio's keyboard.

Further, Brancaccio's efforts on this issue are long since tainted by his zipper-breaking support of the hated and despised CRC/Loot Rail project, precisely like the vast majority of Charter scammers and supporters.

There's a lot riding on the outcome of this election.  Should the Charter pass and Pridemore be elected, that message will ripple around the county for a decade.  The fringe left will, quite rhetorically, bathe themselves in Madore's political blood and dance around the fire they'll use to burn out conservatives wherever they're found.

Lefty will begin to pick out those he hates one at a time, and proceed along the guise that if he stuck it to Madore, he can stick it to anyone.

But one has to wonder: what happens if they fail?

What happens if the Charter, as I expect it will, fails?

What happens if Pridemore, as I expect he will, loses?

What happens, if the East County Bridge advisory vote, as I expect it will, passes?

Talk to any of these fringe-leftist whackadoos about their support of the CRC and they'll IMMEDIATELY try and get you to believe that the CRC Scam is dead.

They don't want to talk about ignoring us.  They don't want to talk about the years of name-calling and belittling.... and lying.

So, this is their all-in strategy.

Now, I can be as wrong as the next guy, though most of the time, I'm pretty close.

But let's remember: Lefty Lou and the rest of the fringe-left won't give a damn.  When even their highest profiled local politicians, Pridemore and Stuart, tell us they don't give a damn what we think, what we want or what we care about... it's fairly clear that they believe the outcome of this election will have zero impact on them.

But then, their double-standard and complete lack of introspection are the things of legend.

And, of course, they'll endorse this crap pile, repeating the false narrative of the C3G2 haters because like me, they completely recognize that publicly, they'll have the most to lose, even if internally, it will make no difference to them whatsoever.

They have nothing to lose: only we do. 

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