Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why is the pro-charter side so angry?

I was watching the video of the first charter debate, for lack of a better term, and I was absolutely struck by the anger of the "yes" side of this issue.

It got so bad that, at one point, Betty Sue Morris, who has been in the local political realm literally for decades, lost control to the point where even organizers were forced to chastise her over-the-top attitude and rein her in.  But there was no question that she was seething.  None.

Take 5.5 minutes or so and see for yourself:


Betty Sue Morris is the consummate politician.  But her anger is seething.... it was barely controlled here, as she was way over the top and genuinely rude.

And this is a symptom of the entire basis for this effort: at best, an intense dislike of Commissioner David Madore combined with a contempt for all of those who disagree with the "Yes" utopia.

At worst, it is what I suspect: absolute hatred of Mr. Madore, frequently expressed by the C3G2 hate site, and an inability to control that hatred in this kind of setting

I realize the pressure is on her big-time: after all, the moneyed interests and CRC supporters behind this expect some major return on their investment.

Do you suppose that the "yes" side actually shared their polling information with Ed Lynch or David Nierenberg before they wrote those $10,000 checks to buy this thing?

Or is it a matter of the "yes" side being just the tiniest bit less than forthcoming and the financiers becoming increasingly agitated as they see the same writing on the wall as the pollsters?

Either way, those speaking on behalf of the haters are going to have to do a much better job controlling themselves.  In fact, since the words of the charter are such powerful weapons against their side, I suggest that they focus entirely on bringing their rage under control... because a sober examination of what this is, what it does, who's paying for it and the motivations behind it means that it's going down to a flaming defeat.

Relax, Betty Sue... this will all be over soon... and then the real work of getting a charter that can be supported will begin.

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