Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Why the crowd noise at the Port Commissioner's meeting should be ignored.

Sorry, but "we don't like it" ain't good enough.

Oh, I get it: the loudest want to get heard, so, they lie, exaggerate and mislead in their efforts to stop this project.

Just for one example, one of the more psychotic liars in elective office, penned an entire column of lies here recently as he recited every fringe-left talking point known to man, none of which came close to a compelling reason not to build this project.

But here's the thing, you see: none of the other scum elected to positions down there, including that slimeball Moeller,  give a rat's ass what the people want: so why should those who've ignored us for so long about so much suddenly be listened to now?

Moeller, owned by the downtown mafia as if the 13th Amendment was the 13th suggestion, pumped out lie after lie, such as:
It's no secret that we're in the late planning stages of a $1.3 billion, 32-acre waterfront development project. Amounting to 10 times the investment (money ready to go into our community's pocket) of the proposed terminal, the development plan includes a waterfront park, trails and infrastructure to support residential and commercial development.
Which, of course, could and would be built whether or NOT this project becomes reality.  It's the kind of thing Molehill does.

And that's the thing.  Fringe-left petulance aside, I don't give a mole's butt what the whiners want... any more than they cared what WE want.

I might start paying attention to THEIR sniveling when they begin to respond to the massive majority concerns over everything from bridges to loot rail to BRT to anything else we've expressed a position on that they so conveniently ignore when it suits them.

I want this project built because it's the right thing to do.  I want this project built because the morons opposing it have come up with precisely zero reasons to cancel it.

And I want it built as an "in your FACE" to the slime that dissed US, who ignored US, who belittled US and who heaped hatred and scorn on US.

None of Moeller's babble equates to either reality or the ultimate outcome.  But then, lying to get what they want is what the left does.

CRC.  Need I say more?

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