Friday, September 12, 2014

Want another proof that the Charter Scam is in trouble?

I was cruising around the PDC's today... it took them some time, but the ClarkBackwards scammers finally started listing their expenses... LOOOOONG after they incurred them.

And what jumps off the page?

Report    MDC RESEARCH    8/22/2014     $15,000.00    PORTLAND OR    97219    SURVEY

HHHhhmmmmm...... wonder how that survey came out?

Here's a guess: it sucks for them.

And it sucks for Pridemore.  And it sucks for anyone with a "d" after their name running in the 17th or 18th District.

I freely admit it: that's pure speculation on my part.

But here's the thing: if this survey came back, say, like the idiocy the democratian wasted a whole $2500 bucks on back when they were scamming, balls-to-the-wall, the CRC/loot rail rip off (And that joke of a poll was, well, not all that great no matter how they spun it) don't you think we'd be hearing about it?

These ego-maniacs are so proud of themselves that if they pour coffee without spilling any, we hear about.

But this poll... like most of their expenses, reported illegally late... has been a big, deep, black hole.

And folks... that can't be good.... for them.

Great for US, you understand... but horrific for them.

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