Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The irony of Paul Montague's democratian LTE

It reeks with it:

Letter: Expanding council adds viewpoints

Thanks to the freeholders whom voters elected last November for putting together a solid and balanced county charter for voters to approve this November. Clark County had around 12,000 residents when the Washington Constitution was approved in 1889, which established our current form of county government. At more than 400,000 residents, our county is ready for a form of government that gives residents better representation, provides separation between policymakers and county managers, and gives residents a way to replace county laws they disagree with.

Expanding the county commission from three to five members will give us more voices on the council, smaller districts, and better representation of the needs of each district. Having five councilors will make it harder for one or two members to hijack county government for narrow ideological purposes and will assure more viewpoints making policy decisions. It's time for a new charter that really serves the needs of the residents of Clark County. Make sure to vote for the charter and get your ballots in the mail by Nov. 4.

Paul Montague

The problem with a C3G2 hater writing this kind of babble generally is that you can presuppose that, since they're driven by fringe-left hatred and the Madore Derangement Syndrome that every thing they're saying is likely false... and has a "narrow ideological purpose" which has not one damned thing to do with what's best for us... instead, having it all to do with what's best for "them," and SCREW us.

With Montague, there's no doubt.

Montague is a bitter man: he was fired from his gig at Identity Vancouver for failing to get the CRC Scam passed and managing to alienate everyone elected to office smart enough to oppose it.

He lied repeatedly in his public efforts to get this rip off through the process, even though he knew that the entirety of this fraud was based on getting loot rail into Clark County and had nothing to do with any of the lies he used in his efforts to make it happen.

That, of course causes his hatred of anyone to the right of Mao to have been channeled in other directions, such as the abysmal failure of his HatePAC and his rabid support of this fringe-left fraud known as the Charter.

You see, the biggest, most obvious fallacy of this idiot's LTE is the very idea that he ever GAVE a rat's ass about "adding viewpoints."

When it came to the CRC/Loot Rail scam, there was no "additional viewpoint" this lowlife gave a damn about.  and that's his problem here: few people even have a clue as to who this mutt actually is.  I wish I didn't, for example.

But during the CRC Wars (Which, have I mentioned, he lost?) there was no lie he wouldn't tell in his effort to rape this community.

Everything he said in this LTE is an out and out lie, already discredited the last time this idiocy was tried:


Statement against:

“Using districts/wards for representation has merit if there is a large and diverse electorate, particularly if the voters are spread over a large area which makes it difficult for citizens to gather in a common meeting place.”

“However, Clark County does not face this condition, therefore districting is unnecessary. Local government should elect their representatives from the county as a whole, thus ensuring that the concerns of all citizens will be taken into account in making decisions on public matters.”

“A district system for Clark County would almost certainly result in competition and conflict between districts. No commissioners would be accountable for looking after the county as a whole, but instead would protect the much more narrow concerns of his or her particular district. Since county commissioners have both legislative and executive duties, creating such parochialism would be destructive of the public good. The problems and corruption associated with the Chicago ward system are widely known.”

“Districts also actually reduce your representation. The way it is now, you vote for all three county commissioners. Under districts, you’d only get to vote for one. It takes away your right to choose all of your commissioners.”

“We should keep the present system of electing our commissioners at the district level in the primary and at large in the general election. Vote no on districts.”

“For more information, contact: NoHomeRule Committee; Email:
Written by: Carrie Parks 2002

“Rebuttal of statement for:”

“Going to districts will result in competition and conflict. Commissioners won’t have to be responsive at all to anyone outside their district. Now you vote for all three commissioners. Under districts, you’d only vote for one. We need our commissioners to look out for the good of the county and all of its citizens as a whole.”

“Vote no on districts.” Written by: NoHomeRule Committee 2002


“Statement against:”

“Increasing from three to five county commissioners is unwise at a time of financial decline in state and county revenue. Adding two more commissioners with associated staff, supplies, office space and equipment, etc. would cost $464,100 per year. Is it really worth spending the extra money? Will adding two more people improve the County Commissioner’s decisions or rulings or improve services to the citizens?”

“There are more pressing issues facing the county than adding more politicians to the payroll. You could add 10 new employees with salaries of $35,000-$40,000 per year for the same price as two new commissioners. The extra expense of nearly half a million dollars will take money away from services and salaries of people doing the front-line work that directly benefits citizens. Wouldn’t it be better to spend this money on police and fire protection, social services or health district functions? The idea of cutting back commissioner salaries to pay for the extra positions has been suggested, but a separate salary commission would have control over that, not the voters. What’s on the ballot is a straight up or down issue, with no means to adjust, compromise or weigh the additional costs against the whole budget.”

“Vote no on increasing the number of commissioners.”

“For more information, contact: NoHomeRule Committee; E-Mail:
nohomerule@attbi.com; Web Site: http://nohomerule.home.attbi.com”
Written by: Carrie Parks 2002

“Rebuttal of statement for:”

“In the coming year, Washington will face a $1-$2 billion budget deficit, meaning more cuts to county and city funding. We just can’t afford two more commissioners right now.”

“The money would be better spent on direct services to citizens.”

“Please vote no to adding more commissioners.”

Written by: Carrie Parks & Tom Armstrong,
co-chairs, NoHomeRule Committee 2002

Oddly, the democrats who wrote this were not particularly persuaded by the arguments presented either by the C3G2 haters OR Montague.

He's proven his buffoonery.  Do yourself a favor and vote "no" to send him and others like him the message that the will of the people will not be trifled with.

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