Thursday, September 04, 2014

Speaking of hate, How's Paul Montague doing?

When last we looked at Paul Montague's bogus efforts, we were not terribly surprised that few were answering his fake clarion call to beat up those wise enough to oppose his CRC/Loot Rail scam... the one that got him fired from Identity Vancouver.  (You only had one job, Paul.  And you blew it)

So, how's HIS political hate effort doing?

BENNETT DAVID    8/25/2014     $250.00   VANCOUVER WA 98661
MONTAGUE PAUL  7/14/2014     $100.00   VANCOUVER WA 98665   
STRAHAN ELSON    8/25/2014     $50.00     VANCOUVER WA 98661   

That's it.  $400 for his full on, hate non-RINO Republicans campaign.

Apparently, the appeal to put together a list of people who will never want anything in the legislature just isn't all that attractive.

Meanwhile, Montague continues to violate PDC law by failing to report expenses and failing to report the in-kind contribution of the Vancouver Business Journal, where his office is located.

If it's not an in-kind, then he's paying rent.  If he's paying rent, then he should be reporting that.

And, of course, that doesn't cover the cost of HIS hate web sites: they presumably are not free... and yet, what do you see when you check for expenses from this idiotic kamikaze effort?

So, if Montague, Capeloto and McDonagh (And who is John McDonagh to the Vancouver Business Journal, again?) are to be believed, Montague's office doesn't cost anyone anything, nor does his website.

Don't you just hate it when campaigns have to engage in violating Public Disclosure law when the basis for the committee in question is Montague's own professional failures and hatred of those who busted up his lame effort to rape this community with an unneeded, unwanted and unaffordable light rail project?

So, yeah... we're watching.  And if this PDC paperwork doesn't get caught up in a hurry, then Montague and the Vancouver Business Journal will have to explain it to the Public Disclosure Commission.

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