Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More democratian/leftist/Burkman hypocrisy on Madore's donations?

Odd, isn't it, that our local fringe-left are so terrified of David Madore?

Our democrat daily newsletter, feels compelled to babble about who he is donating to.  Kinda like stalking, in a sense.

Nothing partisan about that... is their?

Well, maybe a little bit?

See, I don't see any in-depth examination of leftist donors... do you?

Why, then, is the rag so obsessed about Madore to the exclusion of the other check writers around here... who, for the most part... seem to be leftists?

Where is their in-depth article on, for example, Suzan DelBene blowing $3 MILLION of her own money to scam a congressional seat?

Or who among our fringe-leftists will benefit from enviro-Nazi Tom Steyer's checkbook?

Or who is buying the local left a legal coup in the form of this "charter?"

No where.

And neo-communist Jack Burkman seems especially fascinated.  But then, as one of the C3G2 haters, is that surprising?  Get over getting your ass kicked in that legislative primary by a guy who spent enough to buy lunch, Jack?

I don't mind, particularly, if the local toilet paper roll seems compelled to believe that they've turned David Madore into some sort of cancer, politically.  They're wrong, of course (Oddly, he seems to keep winning... for example, how's that CRC/Loot Rail thing working out for you, Burkman?) but they're entitled to their opinion as wrong as it is.

Where these same scum lose me is their lack of introspection when it comes to their side of the political spectrum.

The double standarded hypocrisy is what has the reeking stench about it.

It will be fascinating to see how many leftist heads explode (Should there be any remaining, post CRC debacle) when the charter goes down in flames as all of it's more Stalinist aspects are exposed and explored.

Until the left comes out whining and sniveling over the hundreds of millions THEIR billionaires like Soros and Steyer spew out for LEFTIST candidates, they really have nothing to talk about.

But then, hypocrites rarely do.

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