Friday, September 05, 2014

Ever timid, the president's weak response to ISIS and Putin.

The overarching ineptitude of Obama cannot be denied: nor can the cowardice of his response.

A 4000 troop NATO rapid response unit might sound sexy, but it is entirely inadequate and a waste of time.

The problem is simple: 4000 troops will not do when you need 400,000.

NATO, as an organization, is weak and divided.  They couldn't straighten out Bosnia, Kosovo, Sarajevo  or any of the difficulties of the former Yugoslavia... that took, and still takes, American boots on the ground.  NATO "peace keepers" served primarily as targets.

To expect what amounts to a single maneuver brigade of troops to forestall a Russian incursion or to even be a blip on the ISIS radar screen shows that Obama has returned to smoking dope.

Meanwhile, ISIS continues to grow thanks to Obama's resupply efforts, in billions in cash and additional billions in weapons... instead of responding the only way either the Russians or ISIS understands (GTFO or will turn you into a parking lot) he dithers, he's indecisive, he continues to gut our military when we should be expanding it to meet the threat, he continues to use the military as his own personal chemistry set with his experimentation and socialization while Obamaphone service continues.

Putin will not care about this timid response.  ISIS won't care about this timid response.  Both, in fact, are counting on it.

And that blithering idiot of a coward, who won't even allow government PR to use the term "islamic" in conjunction with ISIS (The first "I" stands for "islamic.") keeps sticking his toe in the water when the monster lurking beneath is gearing up to take his leg.

What kind of cowardice has he surrounded himself with?  What kind of Stepford Staff has he got?

This is the kind of thing you get when you've got a POG running the show.  Meanwhile, his cowardice and indecision is directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands, many of them stupid enough to believe us when we made promises he had zero intention of keeping.

It's long since time for Obama to pull up his big girl panties and act like the leader of an increasingly shrinking free-world.  That's his JOB.  Stop shrinking our military.  Knock off stupidity like getting rid of combat-experienced troops because they've got too many tattoos.

Be a MAN for once, you cowardly putz.

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