Sunday, September 14, 2014

Democratian blows it again: In their view, they don't know what the hell they're talking about.

It's as if they believe that the Nazi's were right: tell a lie often enough, loud enough and long enough and it becomes the truth.

Earlier on the issue of judicial testosterone as democrat campaign aid, the moron who wrote that particular idiocy swallowed the bogus threat factor of the big, bad, Supreme Court hook, line and sinker.

Was it deliberate?  Was it ignorance?  Was it just to further the democratian's latest effort to screw the people?

Whoever wrote that garbage then was full of.  Whoever wrote this garbage now?

The same.

This coordinated independent expenditure campaign for the democrats where an non-existent issue is ginned up out of whole cloth is welcomed by the fringe-left, and that naturally includes the democratian.

They are, of course, all about everyone else paying more in taxes as long as they are left out.  Having long since abrogated their special place as a company practicing journalism to become the democrat's town crier, they once again blow the call by presuming to speak for everyone by demanding that somehow, a branch of this state's government that is no greater or lesser than another branch of government somehow exert non-existent control over that branch.

You know, while I get that the democratian enjoys raping us (Just look at their efforts to screw us on, among other things, their "flipped for the ballpark" scam, their Hilton/downtown redevelopment scam, their waterfront bend-us-over-scam, their incessant whining about coal and oil scam,;and of course, their decade long CRC/loot rail scam) their partisanship and ignorance of government and how it works is just a bit over the top here.

First, the rag ignores reality.  I've demonstrated where the court has no authority to act in this matter; secondly, I've shown the obvious and close coordination between the Court and the democrats in this state; one need only ask themselves "why would the court yell like this, do absolutely nothing, and not wait until after the election?"

Easy: to help the democrats in what is shaping up to be an absolute disaster of an election for them by keeping what they see as a winning issue alive.

They did nothing because, at base, they know their is nothing they CAN do.

The problem the rag has is that they've never presented anything stronger than "the Court can act like the legislature works for it, instead of having the status of a co-equal branch of government."  And, of course, for leftists like the democratian who wants everyone elses taxes but their own increased to pay for this idiocy (And when have you EVER heard the Lazy C volunteer to have THEIR taxes increased?) all they can do is try the same fringe-left talking points, over and over, as if repetition equals legal sufficiency.

That the justices are "frustrated" because the legislature ignores them... as is their right... is just too damned bad.  The legislature does not care what the Supreme Court babbles, any more than the Court should take judicial notice of what the legislature wants in a legal outcome.

What the moron who wrote this idiotic editorial can't seem to grasp is this: there is NO "pressure" on the legislature to do anything.  The Supreme Court's input is just that: input, of no greater or lesser importance than any other group of citizens.

Dorn is as wrong as this excuse of a newspaper: the court can no more restrict how or what the legislature legislates than the legislature can restrict how or on what the Court decides in their capacity of interpreting the law.

The SPI will never have authority over the legislature; to suggest that a part of the executive branch can somehow be given authority over any part of the legislative branch is self-delusion at it's finest, but a fringe-leftist's wet dream, given how the president has been using the Constitution as his own, personal brand of toilet paper.

I don't care about the "Supreme Court's patience."  And neither does the Legislature.

And no amount of whining or presumption by the local democratian cancer can change any of that.

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